American Classic Wedding Recipes Is A Perfect Fit For Any Wedding - American Classic Wedding Recipes Is A Perfect Fit For Any Wedding -

American Classic Wedding Recipes Is A Perfect Fit For Any Wedding

asian peanut salad dressing

It may be the simplicity of the meal, or it may be the slight crunchy texture. Either way, you’re bound to love this easy Asian treat for your next meal as part of your wedding day food menu.

Can Be Prepared In Many Ways

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This Asian inspired salad has a simple, light flavor and can be prepared in many ways. You can make it more simple by using fresh ingredients and leaving out the dressing. Or, you can dress it up with some freshly grated cheeses and Asian seasonings.

This Asian salad is often served cold and is typically thicker than most salad recipes. The good thing about making it this way is that you can use a thin grained bread to top it off. Alternatively, you could use slices of flatbread. Use a nice selection of cheeses to top the salad with. You could also use a variety of types of Japanese dressing or a paste made from ginger root, garlic and lemon.

Many Asian foods contain rice or noodles, such as Chinese stir-fried vegetables, or Vietnamese pho. In this recipe, I substitute white rice for the Asian variety and instead of adding water, I substitute vegetable stock (or water) for the broth. It’s a relatively simple fix. Just adjust the liquid amounts accordingly.

For an authentic Japanese salad, you’ll need Japanese mayonnaise, pickles, scallions and ginger. First, dice your veggies. Then, mix together the mayonnaise, scallions, and pickles and allow them to mix in with the rest of your ingredients. If you want to make a more traditional dressing, simply combine your ingredients and puree them.

Typically More Complicated

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American salads are typically more complicated. Instead of using a standard salad dressing mix, many brides choose to make their own. If you’re not very comfortable making your own, you can always buy the ingredients. Start with some crushed tomatoes, cucumber slices, lettuce leaves and a little bit of oil or butter.

There are so many creative ways to use these dressings. If you serve it chilled, your guests will be in stitches because they love the combination of sweet and sour. Add some crunchy nuts to the salad as well as some small pieces of fresh fruit. You can even use honey as a dressing if you have on hand. Another great way to eat your salad is to drizzle it with olive oil and then sprinkle it with your favorite spices.

Endless Options For Dressings And Spreads

Feel free to play around with different flavors. I recently made macaroni and cheese with pesto dressings and ended up with a spectacular appetizer that was quite delicious. Another option is to buy a bottle of Italian dressing and use it as a dressing on sandwiches, pasta dishes or just on veggies. Be creative and enjoy using whatever ingredients you have on hand.

Last Words

When shopping for wedding accessories, be sure to look for American classic wedding recipes wedding favors. There are so many different classic items and accessories available that you are certain to find something you will absolutely love. For example, if you love candy, how about making your own custom candy bars with personalized candy coated chocolate chips? Or, how about designing a whimsical soap dish that you can fill with hand poured hot chocolate, marshmallows, gummy candy, and even personalized lip gloss for your guests? American classic wedding recipes are only limited by your imagination!

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