Asian Box Turtle Diet - How Does This Diet Help Your Growth - Asian Box Turtle Diet - How Does This Diet Help Your Growth -

Asian Box Turtle Diet – How Does This Diet Help Your Growth

asian box turtle diet

Asian box turtles are omnivores and a balanced diet full of worms, crickets; etc is required to feed them daily. Asian box turtles are reptiles that feed on both plant food as well as animal food. These turtles are of the genus Cuora and are separately recognized in the family of reptiles. They are not easy to be taken care of and in many states; it is illegal to keep them in captivity from the wild. They should be fed at least twice a day and the surroundings should be cleaned for a clean habitat. The Asian box turtle diet includes the following-

Asian Box Turtle Diet – Plant Matter

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Aquatic plants are good fodder for box turtles and they should be fed properly with them. Aquatic plants, kale, leafy vegetables, lettuce, etc are enjoyed by box turtles. You can grow aquatic plants in the surrounding area of Asian box turtles for giving them a feel of natural habitat. Not only the plants will provide food to the turtle but they will also help them breathe with proper oxygenation. Also, your time will be saved from feeding the turtles with plant food as the turtles can feed themselves. Asian box turtles also love fruits like berries, etc for a change in their diet.

Asian Box Turtle Diet – Animal Matter

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The omnivorous nature of these animals makes them likable towards all forms of plant as well as animal food. Insects are the common prey for wild turtles but in case you have pets, you can buy worm food to feed them. Worms like earthworms, mealworms, and crickets make a happy meal for the box turtles. A large turtle can also be fed with small frozen mice. Proper care should be taken if you are getting a young turtle as a mixture of a balanced diet is essential for their survival and growth. Extra protein is required when the turtle is young, so more animal food should be infused into the diets of a young turtle.

Asian Box Turtle Diet – Essential Elements

Water is important for every living organism to survive and so an apt amount of hygienic and filtered water is required to feed the turtle and the surrounding area of the turtle should also be covered with water for better movement and swimming of the turtle. Sunlight is not a part of the diet but is vital for living creatures to survive. You can buy a special bulb to fix above the turtles’ enclosure to maintain a good balance of artificial sunlight in the living area of the turtle. Supplements like calcium powder can also be fed to keep the turtle strong and healthy.


A balanced diet ensured better survival and growth of all. Asian box turtle diet should be well-balanced and filled with vital nutrients for proper care and maturation of the turtle. Diet is important if you would like to keep yourself balanced and with the busy schedule you have, it is important to follow a diet form so that you have the energy flowing even if you are not able to consume food on time every day.

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