Asian Broccoli Salad Recipe Ingredients

asian broccoli salad

A nutrient dense and healthy side dish that goes great as a starter or side dish anytime of the day. The secret? Simply mix in your favorite vegetables along with a bit of rock salt, pepper, and any herbs or seasonings you wish to include. Easy!

Be Careful With Prep Time

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As always with Asian foods, be careful with your prep time. Here, I’ve listed my top tips on how to cook this delicious side dish:

Cook Time: About 20 minutes total cook time. See note on using Asian sesame oil dressing below. Set aside time for veggies prep. This means rinsing, cutting, and then cooking the Asian broccoli salad.

Preparing the Asian Broccoli Salad: Use a fine-toothed comb to loosen the leaves from the stems of the broccoli plants. Then, tear off the leaves. Add all of the leaves to the food processor and pulse until smooth and creamy. When done, place in a large bowl and add desired amount of salty, spicy, or sweet herbs, seasonings, or spices (if using). Give a slight twist to the dressing by adding a cherry or other fruit slices if desired.

Get Ready For The Tasty Taste Of The Asian Broccoli Salad

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Prepare the Asian broccoli salad at room temperature. Allow the vegetables to get ready before serving. This will help the flavors to meld more easily with the rest of the ingredients. Drain well any water that may be able to get through the finely shredded leafy greens. If you have to use water, be sure it is well rinsed off.

Dipping the Asian Broccoli Salad With Nutritional Benefits: There are many different types of Asian recipes that incorporate the crunchy, flavorful vegetables as a dressing, but you can also find recipes that call for just the greens, or just the dressing. You can dress the Asian broccoli salad with a soy sauce dip. You can also incorporate a red hot chili pepper sauce and serve that with the dish. Or you can try a tasty and relatively unknown herb called ginger. Ginger gives the dish a spicy taste, which some diners prefer, while others hate the taste of it.

Easy Aspects of Asian Cooking

The prep time is the key to a great Asian broccoli salad. It’s best if you make the mix ahead of time and store in air-tight containers. Also, be sure that your vegetable chips can go from room temperature to hot within just ten minutes. Use high quality ingredients and make sure they are cooked to perfection before serving.

Asian Foods Have a Tasty Difference: Asian foods are known for their robust flavors, from the meats and seafood to the greens and veggies. This is one reason that so much of the food from Asia has been created using high quality, natural ingredients. The flavors are very intense and are designed to be strong enough to hold their own without competing with the flavors of the other ingredients. For example, Asian broccoli salad is a great choice because it is made with mainly high quality leafy green vegetables. It has a mild flavor that is rich and hearty without being heavy. In addition, the vegetables used in this salad are typically smaller than most produce produced in the United States.

Summing Up

Once you’ve decided on the types of Asian broccoli salad ingredients you would like to use, it’s time to put the whole thing together. The most important part of making this type of salad is to be sure that you thoroughly cook the vegetables. When cooking, always stir your ingredients very gently so as not to scorch them. Also be careful to make sure that you don’t overcook them, as overcooking vegetables can lead to a lack of flavor. If you find that the taste is too bitter, add some water or let the flavors simmer for a bit longer.

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