Asian Chicken Wrap Recipe Food Network And Everything About Food

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The love for food is eternal. Everyone likes to experiment with different food items. One of the must-try recipes is Asian Chicken Wrap Recipe Food Network which has a warm and fresh taste. It can be prepared easily and is perfect for dinners, picnics, or carrying it to work.  

Asian Chicken Wrap Recipe Food Network Ingredients

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For trying out Asian Chicken Wrap Recipe Food Network the ingredients required for making the sauce are soy sauce, honey, minced fresh ginger, creamy peanut butter, spicy chili sauce, fresh lime juice. For the chicken wrap, boneless and skinless chicken, Broccoli slaw, shelled edamame, chopped green onions, fresh cilantro, wheat tortillas, canola oil, shredded carrots, and salted peanuts are required. 

Asian Chicken Wrap Recipe Food Network – How To Make It

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Put a skillet on the medium-high flame and add oil into it. Once it starts simmering add the chicken and sauté it for two to three minutes on each side. Then transfer it to another bowl. Add peanut sauce into the bowl and coat the chicken in it. Then in the same skillet add some more oil and let it warm for the next thirty seconds. Once it starts to simmer add chopped carrots, broccoli slaw, edamame, and green onions to it. Mix it well and let it tender for two minutes. Then remove it from the heat. After that, take a tortilla and spread a spoonful of sauce onto it. Then place the chicken wrapped in peanut sauce, the vegetables, green onions, cilantro, and chopped peanuts. Roll it and enjoy it at room temperature.

Asian Chicken Wrap Recipe Food Network – Tips To Follow

For making this Asian Chicken Wrap Recipe Food Network one can make the filling one day in advance to prevent any workload later. One can prepare the wraps four hours before serving and can put them in the refrigerator. One can store it for future use too by storing it into the airtight container in the refrigerator for the next 3 days. One can prepare it by using minced chicken or breast or chicken thigh meat too. One can also add bok choy and celery to it. Instead of placing everything separately on the tortilla, one can mix all the ingredients in the bowl and can place it in one go. One can serve this wrap with Grilled peach salad, rice, chicken fried rice too. It also tastes best when served with kale apple salad or shrimp fried rice. One can reheat the filling by microwaving it for two minutes in the oven.


Though there aren’t any mentioned diet changes, it is advised to consume food that metabolizes ketone bodies making it available for energy production. Thus, one must try out this Asian Chicken Wrap Recipe Food Network as it is filled with flavors. It can be prepared within 30 minutes with fewer efforts and ingredients. It is the best dish to serve to your guests or to have for dinner. Children also love it when they are given this wrap for their lunch break.

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