Asian Salad Noodles Is A Healthy Way To Start Your Day Off

asian salad noodles

For many years Asian salad noodles were considered the pinnacle of healthy eating. They used to come in a variety of different flavors such as garlic, ginger, red onion, green onion and white onion.

Asian salad noodles have also been known to be loaded with nutrients. In fact, they are so nutritious that they can actually boost a person’s immune system. Some studies even show that Asians who eat them twice a day for two weeks experience a 50% increase in their white blood cell counts and an increase of more than five hundred percent in their platelet counts.

For centuries before western civilization came to our shores, people on the Asian diet would get up early in the morning and start their day by getting out of bed and cooking a large pot of rice. Then they would make a large bowl of soup that they boiled and served it with several servings of salad noodles. It was a very healthy meal because it was full of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Many people from different cultures still do this today and call it a traditional breakfast meal.

Chinese and the Japanese

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The Chinese and the Japanese also used these noodles in their own cuisines. In the Chinese culture for example, they use the white variety in soups and other dishes and oftentimes, they use it as a substitute for rice.

The Asian noodle is known to be gluten free, which makes it ideal for those who are sensitive to gluten. However, since many people have been diagnosed with celiac disease, the popularity of the Asian noodle has dwindled in recent years. Still, many people enjoy eating it and its health benefits are well worth the extra cost.

Today many health conscious people are looking to eat healthier yet still get their fill of Asian salad noodles. Many people who have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease are turning to sushi as a replacement for the traditional Asian salad.

Tangy Taste

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One of the most popular things to eat with Asian salad noodles is the Japanese appetizer, salmon and mango. They have a tangy taste to them and are also very healthy for you. Even though they do not actually have meat, the fish and vegetables make a wonderful amalgamation of goodness that is sure to please.

Even though sushi has taken over the Asian salad noodle world in the western world, you should not feel left out. There are still other Asian flavors to try. For example, you can serve your favorite chicken kebabs with your noodles.

For people who like to avoid rice and instead enjoy salad for lunch, you can also serve your Asian salad noodles and serve some cooked rice along with your salad. This will give your lunch a great twist on the standard Western lunch. You can even use this as an alternative to the traditional sandwich that you have had all of those years ago when you were younger.

Cucumber Salad

Other foods that you will want to serve with your Asian salad noodles are those that you would make at home. For instance, if you love a nice cold cucumber salad that will keep in the refrigerator for a long time, you can make your own, without using store bought lettuce or cucumbers.

You can also serve your Asian noodles as a salad dressing for a sandwich or even on its own. In fact, I usually serve them just before any of my main dishes.

For instance, if you have leftovers, you might want to make a quick salad after dinner so that you can make another one to put on the next night. Since they last a long time, they can go from breakfast to lunch all the way to dessert!

Final Verdict

When it comes to making any kind of meal that needs to stay fresh, especially those that need to last a long time, it is important to buy fresh produce. This will keep your meal fresh and tasty and help your meals from being bland and boring. If you buy fresh vegetables in season, the nutrients that they provide will last all day and even longer.

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