Asian Salad Slaw – The Best Idea For A Healthy Start In The Morning

asian salad slaw

Asian salad is probably famous in every Asian country, and so many people love to eat it because it is tasty and healthy. Asian salad slaw is of many types, and every slaw has a different taste than the other salad slaw. Making Asian salad slaw is very easy, and it does not take so much time. It would help if you had some ingredients and directions to make Asian salad slaw. It is totally on you whether you want to make your salad spicy or light. You can take it as breakfast, or you can eat it with your lunch, or you can eat it at your dinner time.

Asian Salad Slaw Dressing

A bowl of food with broccoli

If you want to give Asian salad slaw a Thai touch with a hint of lime and fish sauce, you can do that, but that is optional.

Coriander and fresh mint

The herbs make all the difference in this, that element of freshness and extra flavor.

Sprinkle of crispy fried shallots

Little salty pops of crispiness, this is an Asian garnish that goes on everything. A little bit goes a long way to add extra texture, flavor, and interest to anything that it is sprinkled on.

Asian Salad Slaw Ingredients

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3 cups green cabbage or Chinese cabbage, shredded

3 cups red cabbage, shredded

Two large carrots, julienned

3 cups bean sprouts

Three green onions, finely sliced on the diagonal

1/2 cup coriander

1/2 cup mint leaves

1/4 cup Asian Fried Shallots, to garnish

Asian Dressing

3 tbsp rice vinegar

3 tbsp soy sauce

2 tsp fish sauce

2 tbsp lime juice or more rice vinegar

3 tbsp peanut oil

one 1/2 tbsp sugar, any type

1/2 tsp red chili, finely minced

Two garlic cloves, minced

Asian Salad Slaw Directions

Further, we have given some directions that you can check out focus on the best choice of consuming a healthy dish in the morning.

Combine the dressing fixings in a container and shake well.

Combine the serving of mixed greens fixings, aside from the Asian Fried Shallots.

Pour over the dressing and toss the combine.

Embellishment with Asian Fried Shallots. Serve!


Salads are the best choice to eat with your food. You eat salad anytime you want. Asian salad slaws are very good and tasty in every way, and they are easy to make. You need a few ingredients to make, and then you can enjoy your Asian salad slaw anytime. It will increase your metabolism and keep you healthy. You can eat it with your dinner, with your lunch or any time you want. Salads contain carbohydrates and fats that give you enough energy for a day, and it also keeps you safe from the viral diseases. You can salad according to your taste, if you want to keep it spicy or light or sweet you can do it and that will be fine. Salad helps you in losing your weight without any extra expenses.

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