Breakfast At Tiffany’s Racist Asian Portrayal

breakfast at tiffany's racist asian

Racism has been a huge problem in the whole of the World. It is so deep-rooted that you can see its evidence even in art and entertainment. It is not a secret from the World how the first World people behave with the third world people. Also, it doesn’t end there. If a third-world person comes into the First World, he will not receive any better treatment. It is a sad plight that even after being ao much technically and educationally advanced, problems like racism are still prevalent in our society. You don’t have to find the causes of racism. They are present all over. Whether it’s real-life or reel life, it is there everywhere. If you don’t believe us, why don’t you look at the film Breakfast at Tiffany? The Breakfast at Tiffany racist Asian portrayal is enough to support our point.

What Is Breakfast At Tiffany

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Breakfast at Tiffany is a racist U.S. film. It was produced in the late 1960s. To give you a short and quick overview of that time, let us remind you that it was the time of the years post USA’s atomic invasion in Japan. A long war between the U.S. and Japan had come to an end, but those were the post-war years of immense hatred. White supremacy was on its top during that time. It is during those times that a film like this came into the picture. You will be surprised how vividly Breakfast at Tiffany’s racist Asian portrayal is.

What Is Racist In Breakfast At Tiffany

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All the characters of this U.S.-produced movie are whites. However, there is one character i.eMr.Yunioshi is a Japanese. He is the only character in the movie portrayed as dangerous, immoral, animalistic, not-groomed, etc. All the bad and funny incidents and characteristics are associated with this character. At the same time, all the other characters are elite and poised all through the movie. We know that Westerners call Japanese yellow. It in itself is a very racist statement to make. However, it is true. In the movie, this character is yellow and hence portrayed as not beautiful. He has little eyes, and therefore there are scenes where it is portrayed that he cannot see things in front of him because of his small eyes that seem like they don’t open at all. He is shown wet, dropping the water droplets from his body, wearing just a towel in the stairway, portraying that the Asians do not have the sense of dressing or coming out.

A Typical Racist Movie

There are many examples and scenes from this movie that show Breakfast at Tiffany’s racist Asian portrayal. Mr. Yunioshi in this movie represents everything bad, and the other characters are everything good. He portrays the stigma of cruelty, insanity, and animalism attached to the Japanese in the USA. There are a lot of stances on Authorisation in this movie. The Japanese character is the only character in the movie that is aggressive, invasive, and threatening. 

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