Chinese Breakfast – How to Make Delicious Chinese Food For Your Morning Eggs

traditional chinese breakfast

No doubt, it is very popular all over the world. Of course, non-Asian people often walk into foreign Chinese restaurants just for the delicious traditional Chinese breakfast. The main attraction, for many of us, is the morning meal. For us, morning simply means the best part of the whole day, so don’t ever want you to miss that part. For the non-Asian people, they would often associate this meal with eating at a very old and cramped restaurant where there was no style or sense of style.

Well, I am here to tell you that the traditional Chinese breakfast does not have to be like that. If you are looking to impress your date or even just a healthy start to your day, this is the perfect meal for you. In fact, this meal will definitely make your day when you order it to go! Here’s how to prepare a perfect traditional Chinese breakfast.

An Overview

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The most popular among traditional Chinese breakfast meals is the soya milk pancakes. These are basically Chinese noodles with soy milk, sugar, egg and flour mixed in between them. It is then heated up and made into a big puddle on the surface of a pan. Usually, a serving of these comes with a large number of such dough sticks. They come in various colors, sizes and tastes.

Another very popular breakfast dish is the black bean omelet. As the name implies, this is a cooked bean salad. It is basically a salad with beans. In China, it is usually prepared with onions, vinegar and soy sauce. Personally, I love it, as it is very tasty and satisfying.

Next on the list is the chicken rice, which is considered to be another important meal in China. It can either be stir fried or served in its original form. As the name implies, this dish usually has thin pieces of chicken in it. This is then combined with white fish and scallops. This is one of my favorite dishes, especially when it is accompanied by Chinese soy sauce and Chinese vinegar. You can find it in many restaurants in London.

Chinese Breakfast Facts

Then, we have the beef and cabbage breakfast, which is an excellent combination if you have had beef yesterday and not pork on the next day. It includes beef and cabbage soup, which is a very important part of a Chinese breakfast. This soup is usually flavored with ginger, garlic, and various kinds of spices.

The next Chinese breakfast on our list is the eggs fried in peanut oil, which may be a familiar concept to you. This is actually a very popular breakfast for many people because they are not so used to having eggs cooked in such a manner. The eggs are first beaten and then fried in the deep fried pan with the vegetables on top. This is typically served alongside steamed broccoli and green vegetables. It is served during the week, but you can also find it for dinner during the week as well.

The last of our list for Chinese breakfast is something that you might not expect; it is the hot and sour soup. This is known as Cantonese style soup and is very common in many Chinese households. Typically, this is prepared using a pressure cooker. Typically, there are several types of soups that can be used, but one of the most popular is the hot and sour. This is typically prepared using hoppers and then mixed with vinegar, chicken broth, and sugar.

Our final choice for the traditional Chinese breakfast table is the more common tea. Tea can be used in several different forms, and all are delicious. Of course, the most common type is either black or green tea, and both are full of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. Sometimes, milk or soy milk may be added to tea as well, to give it a creamy texture and flavor. Tea can be consumed alone, with milk and vegetables, or it can be enjoyed along with meats and eggs.

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