Cookbooks As Guidebook For Your Journey

6 Cookbooks That Double As Guidebooks

If you celebrate traveling like any other festival, these cookbooks must be on your counter. Traveling across the globe, yet not having them, can be a costly affair. Cookbooks that double up as your guidebooks encourage you to reserve your seat before you start the journey. Creating a wonderful connection of the cuisine with the culture, they leave a greater impact on the travelers. Your understanding of the destination increases. Connecting the culture and history along with the travel ensures that travelers remember it. Making every cuisine tell a story, is what moves a traveler. So is why you must check out our list of 6 Cookbooks that are also guidebooks.

New Cookbooks And Their Popularity

Cookbooks As Guidebook For Your Journey

With the changing time, the model of traveling has also changed. Now, travelers also cross miles to capture their favorite delicacy. Being able to speak a story around the cuisine is an art, which has captivated travelers. Describing the beauty of the dish about specific locations and geographies, you should not miss this list. Having the best combinations of both the worlds of travel and gourmet, let us begin our journey.

Journey Through The Cookbooks As Guidebooks

Cookbooks As Guidebook For Your Journey

Let us explore the 6 best cookbooks that every traveler must-have.

The Food of Northern Thailand

Austin Bush, the renowned photographer from the USA, after relocation to Thailand, explored the cuisines of the country. Northern Thailand, having attracted him the most, got resonance in his cookbook. Beautifying about the six provinces of the region, Austin Bush gave recognition to Laap Kao Cham Chaa, for travelers. The delicacies of crab paste or fried meat have found relevance in his cookbook.

Cooking South of Clouds

Kunming-style noodles are one of the delicacies of Yunnan and have found relevance in the cookbook. Written by Georgia Freedman and Josh Wand, the guidebook covers the palatable cuisines of Yunnan. Written in the regional language, it makes it easy for travelers to show it in the restaurant and order.

Tasting Georgia

This is such a wonderful cookbook for all the readers and travelers. Taking readers deep into the parts of Georgia with delicacies and wine is a treat. Making the relocation easy for travelers, contact details and maps come in combination in the guidebook. A truly memorable journey through culture and cuisines is a treat to have.

Tasting Rome

Bringing alive the flavors and the taste of the forgotten days, Katie Parla has made an attempt to bring out the best dishes from the vault. Bridging a connection of the readers to the history and culture through cuisines is what this cookbook is famous for.

My Lisbon

Cod Fritter or custard tarts, Nuno Mendes has not shied away discussing the culture of Portugal through the dishes in this book. Covering the best of the recipes in the cookbook, be it the local snack or culture of café.

Israeli Soul

Talking about the delicacies of Israel, an exposure about the best falafels and schnitzel is for the travelers. Mentions about the best places to connect with the food and the culture associated, the cookbook is a pleasure to have. Simplify your trip planning, by having it in your kitty.

Traveler’s Bible

If you like traveling, you must have these cookbooks which also serve as guidebooks. Making your travel easier and your stay pompous, make the right choice and grab one. Hurry up!

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