Costco Asian Salad Review

Costco Asian Salad

Costco Asian salad is an Asian salad kit that has washed, peeled and cut fresh vegetables along with a salad dressing pouch. All you need to do is to remove the contents and toss in the dressing and your salad is ready. It is a very practical option for working people or traveling. There are many salad kits available on the market, but Costco is a popular brand. Its salad kit is very convenient for weeknights. You can just add some chicken or tofu and have your protein-packed dinner or lunch ready. 

The Asian Salad from Costco is a salad kit that is pretty cheap. An average salad kit may easily cost around $4.49 or $4.99, but this one is priced at $3.49 only. You get a pouch of Asian sesame dressing in this kit. The vegetables are Green-Cabbage, Savoy Cabbage, Carrots, Romaine, Cashews, Celery, Almonds, Sesame Seeds, Cilantro and a few other ingredients. Those who do not mind the flavor of cilantro would love to go for this salad as it has the crunch and taste of cashews and almond won top strips. 

Although Romaine used is very little and the cabbage used is so hard and tough, that you get put off chewing it. This salad may not satisfy your taste buds completely. Sometimes, the vegetables may feel a little moldy in the mouth, so a recommendation would be to buy it as fresh as fresh as possible.

Nutritional Facts

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Calories in 1 cup – 170

Fat – 13 gm

Sugar – 6 gm

This information is mentioned at the back of the kit. If you use the whole dressing packet, then this information applies. Some people may use less dressing and so the fat, calories and sugar may vary. This kit lacks protein and so, it is advisable to eat it with chicken, tofu, cottage cheese, beef, pork or salmon. You can use this Costco Asian Salad as a side dish with another full-fledged meal. 

Final Verdict

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This one is a good salad kit for those who love Asian sesame dressing and the strong flavor of Cilantro. It tastes delicious by mixing things up with the ingredients. Here is a final score.

Nutrition – 5.5/10

Taste – 6.5/10

Convenience – 9.10

Cost – 9.5/10

It is cheaper than any other salad kits available on the market. The benefit of investing in a ready-to-eat salad kit is that you don’t have to cut your vegetables or even buy them separately to eat a healthy meal every time. It works perfect for students, working people and those who cannot cook, to enable them to have a healthy meal for themselves. Often those who live alone or cannot cook end up eating a greasy dish or some junk food to fill their stomachs. Such salad options ensure that you need not compromise on your health even if you plan to eat something ready-to-eat. 

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