Does Asian Stir Fry Delight You? - Does Asian Stir Fry Delight You? -

Does Asian Stir Fry Delight You?

Does Asian Stir Fry Delight You?

The stir-frying technique (Chinese: 炒; pinyin: chǎo) is a popular Chinese cooking technique. It is essential to mention that this typical technique for cooking is one of the oldest cooking methods that are still in vogue. 

Does Asian Stir Fry Delight You?
Does Asian Stir Fry Delight You?

Asian Stir Fry – Delving In This Method!

As we have already mentioned, this form of cooking has its roots in China. In modern times you will find stir-fried foods all around the world. The other parts of Asia and the West extensively savor stir-fried foods!

In this method of cooking, you have to fry the ingredients in a minimal amount of searing oil while they are stirred in a wok. 

You can see that one uses woke when it comes to an Asian stir-fry. It is because the shape of the wok is quite perfectly for the stir-frying techniques. Furthermore, you can also saute as a cooking technique to make a dish that involves other cooking methods.

Asian Stir Fry – When It Comes To Health

One of the fastest ways to cook your meals is when you use the stir-frying for your cooking. This way you can prepare small pieces of food, comprising of meat and vegetables in a hot pan or a wok. 

If health is your concern, then worry not! It is because the Asian stir fry is one of the healthiest methods of cooking food. The technique is a perfect blend of fast and healthy cooking. It is because if you dig deep into the style of cooking, you will see that the ingredients are charred. It is an exciting way of preparing food, which renders the items the crispness while keeping the nutrients intact inside. If you cook your vegetables this way, you can have more benefits than if you boil them up! 

Besides, this technique of cooking requires the least amount of oil to cook. Thus, the fat content generally remains pretty low. Less oil and more heat is the way here!

Does Asian Stir Fry Delight You?
Does Asian Stir Fry Delight You?

What Kind Of Oil Is Used?

The cooks in China mostly rely on soybean oil, vegetable oil, or peanut oil for cooking. They use all of these light oils for preparing food because of their high smoke point. You can use Peanut oil not only for stir-frying but for your occasional doses of deep-frying as well. It is because of its pleasant nutty flavor. 

Besides the oil we have already mentioned, you can also use Canola oil, which has a high smoke point but a neutral flavor. It is, in fact, one of the best choices when it comes to stir-frying.

What Dishes Can You Prepare With This Technique?

You can use this technique to prepare a wide range of lip-smacking delights. These dishes include:

1. Fried Rice Sides – Besides getting the plate of your fried rice, you can also utilize this technique to pour a generous serving of vegetables and chicken sides using the stir-frying method.

2. A Whole lot of Vegetables – You can put a reasonable amount of steamed or roasted broccoli to stir fry them fine. Brussels sprouts and green beans are also quite tasty if you stir-fry them.

In addition to those delights mentioned above, egg rolls, dumplings, and spring rolls are also quite enjoyable stir-fried. So, don’t wait, just stir fry!

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