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Enjoy the Tradition of Cooking Rice With Vegetables at Breakfast

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Have you ever had the chance to have an Asian rice breakfast? If not, you are missing out! A typical morning in most of Asia begins with a bowl of rice. You might eat any variety of Asian rice during the course of the day and the varieties are limitless. You could even eat white rice for breakfast. In addition to variety, however, there are many health benefits to eating Asian rice.

An Overview

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Rice is a staple food that has been consumed by many cultures throughout Asia for many years. It is one of the least processed of all the grains available to us today. This means that it contains a significantly higher amount of nutrients than does wheat, which makes it a great addition to any diet. Because of these factors, rice is considered to be a much healthier choice for your breakfast than are the other grain options.

A number of Asian countries make rice part of their daily diet. For instance, in India, rice is used for nearly everything from preparing Indian thali to preparing foods like samosas. In China, rice is often used in the same way that eggs are to be used in a chicken stir fry. In Japan, rice is sometimes used in place of noodles in dishes such as miso soup.

Famous Dishes

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So what can you expect from an Asian rice breakfast? Of course, there are the standard oboe and tonka bean. Many chefs include other types of beans, too, to add a little more variety to the menu. You will also find radishes, asparagus spears and carrots. Often, eggs are included as well. Depending on the recipe, you may even find corn and various fruits!

Since you are not eating the typical wheat breakfast each morning, the amount of calories you eat will vary greatly. An Asian diet is based on eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and these meals tend to be very low in fat. That means you can eat plenty of fresh vegetables without feeling guilty! The Asian rice diet includes many fruits that are high in protein, which makes them an excellent source of protein for a protein rich meal. Even if you do eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, though, you do not feel hungry throughout the day. That is because the Asian diet makes sure that you never feel hungry!

Healthy Regular Meal

Many people have a hard time eating a regular meal because they get too hungry during the day. It can be difficult to stick to a healthy Asian rice breakfast if you always have rice for your early morning meal. However, once you get into the habit of eating a big bowl of rice early in the morning, it will become almost impossible to break the habit. Besides, when you get hungry you will be able to avoid some of the unhealthy food items that are a regular part of your American breakfast menu. That includes French fries and fried chicken breasts.

Eating Asian food does not mean that you have to choose boring dishes like chicken pho and French fries. On the contrary, you can get creative and really surprise your taste buds with some really delicious Asian dishes like stir fry vegetables with vegetables and fish sauce, or curried vegetables with tofu. If you enjoy sweet things, you can also indulge yourself with a sweet dish for your Asian rice breakfast. You can make banana ice cream or maple syrup ice cream for an added treat for yourself or you and your guests.


Eating an Asian breakfast will improve your health, but only if you combine it with some regular cardiovascular exercises. In other words, if you want to lose weight and get in shape, you should do regular cardiovascular exercises. By eating healthy food like vegetables and rice, you can keep your arteries clean, meaning they are less likely to block due to fat. You can then enjoy a good bowl of rice and Asian fruits and vegetables at your usual mealtime. No matter how good your favorite restaurant may be, unless you eat there all the time, you won’t get that fresh Asian feeling.

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