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Cooking is usually an exciting and one of the favorite hobbies for so many people. Some chefs or cooks use different tools and objects to make their work more comfortable and convenient. Nowadays there are so many kitchen gadgets available in the market to make you’re cooking more easy and comfortable. One of those is using a multi-purpose manual peeler device. As you might have been facing this problem while peeling garlic that its smell remains in your hands, and it won’t go for a longer time.

These manual peelers will help you to speed up your cooking process and avoid any injury with those sharp knives. You have to keep your garlic on the top of the peeler and press it with the help of a lid. It will just require your energy, and as soon as you push it, you can find below the sliced and diced garlic in a container. You even don’t have to touch the garlic directly, and you can pour that sliced garlic into your food. You can get this amazing multi-purpose garlic manual peeler and add this to your kitchen gadgets.


·         Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Garlic Presses

·         Certification:                           SGS

·         Material:                                   Other

·         Feature:                                   Stocked

·         Product size:                           7.5 x 6 cm

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Pros Of Using Manual Peeler Device

·         This product can help you to cook your food with hygiene and won’t leave the smell of garlic on your hands.

·         It is safer than using a knife as you have to place your garlic on the top of the peeler and press it. You don’t need to touch the garlic or use a knife.

·         It comes with two different slicing blades. With one, you can slice it, and with the other, you can cut it in the form of dice.

·         You even get a small storage box just below the slicer in which you can collect your garlic pieces and use it in your food.

·         You can keep your food germ and dirt free.

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Cons Of Using Manual Peeler Device

·         It is time-consuming, and you have to keep inserting garlic and then other garlic.

·         Cleaning the manual peeler is a tough task to perform, as the blades are very sharp, and you can clean it with your hand, which may lead to injury and even more.

·         You can slice and dice the garlic or other smaller veggie, and you can’t use it for a bigger size vegetable like potato or onion.


These kitchen gadgets are available to make your cooking more precious and give some extra taste and texture to your food. These things can be perfect for the beginner who is less skilled in cutting and chopping vegetables. You can get the perfect size and shape of your garlic without even touching them. You can even use this peeler to store your garlic for a longer time and use it when you are about to cook your food.

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