Few Popular Famous Asian Restaurants Across The World

Few Popular Famous Asian Restaurants Across The World

Asian Restaurants are growing in number daily. As a result, there are more choices available to you. In this article, we will take a look at the most popular restaurants in the world today. It will help you find one that is in your area.

Asian Restaurants In America

First on the list of popular restaurants is in America. The restaurants in New York and San Francisco are well known around the world. Both of these cities are part of the United States and they are very popular in these places. With their long list of famous restaurants, you should have no trouble finding one that has been your favourite.

Shanghai – Famous For Its Asian Restaurants

Shanghai is another popular Chinese city and the list of famous restaurants here is impressive. They have three main categories, which include some fine dining options. They also have some popular casual options as well. The Chinese people have gained fame by their extraordinary cooking. But, before you come to China, you should know that they have a wide variety of dishes that you can try. You can also try their delicious vegetarian dish that is called “Lian Bing”. There are also a lot of other delicious and exotic dishes that are commonly served in this country.

Few Popular Famous Asian Restaurants Across The World
Few Popular Famous Asian Restaurants Across The World

Beijing is one of the oldest cities in China and has many famous restaurants in it. It has a large list of popular restaurants. There are some specialities that are considered to be signature dishes.

The cuisine is the key to great food and popularity. Some of the world’s favourite foods are Italian, French, Mexican, Japanese, Russian, and Brazilian. Some of the best Asian restaurants have a diverse menu that includes many types of food.

And because of their famous restaurants, they receive a lot of traffic. Each week the traffic to these restaurants is quite substantial. The queues are often too long so you might have to wait a while before getting a table.

French and Italian are the two most popular food in these countries. More than 50% of the food eaten in these restaurants is Italian or French. The big red wines and cured meats are also a big part of their menu.

Greek food is known all over the world for taste and spicy foods. These restaurants are not only popular but also highly popular. These restaurants get about 20% of their sales from their Greek menu. Greek food is like food from another planet.

The Philippines

It is a country where you can find a lot of foods that you cannot find anywhere else. Some of them are Pho, Arroz Caldo, Pagpapalaki, Manna, Cebuana, Binaly, Ting-Gook and many more. This country is an island country located in the Southeast Asia region. It is also famous for its spices and amazing Philippine food. You can find various unique dishes in this country.


This country is one of the Asian countries that have different cuisines from different parts of Asia. Most of the cuisines that are common in this country are Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Malay and other Asian cuisines.


It is a country that has lots of authentic and traditional Indian cuisines. You can find numerous delicious dishes that are widely loved in this country.


Few Popular Famous Asian Restaurants Across The World
Few Popular Famous Asian Restaurants Across The World

It is a country where you can find a variety of Indian and Chinese Food that you never dreamed of. You can find several delicious cuisines there. Indian Cuisine consists of several delicious delicacies such as Paneer, Idli, Dum, Katli, Curry and many more.

In western countries, Spanish, French, and Japanese are the most popular. Vietnamese is a great cuisine but is not as popular as the other three. Besides the food, they also offer a wide range of beverages and side dishes. They also offer other food like appetizers, desserts, and even speciality drinks.

Try simple foods from the Orient. A Vietnamese style dish called pho may be your best bet. It’s just so delicious that you’ll forget you’re eating something that isn’t familiar.

Another huge trend that has been around for a while is international cuisine. It is becoming more popular all the time and is becoming more common around the world. This is because the dishes are quite different. You can almost always find something to eat that is similar to what is being served in the other country.

So if you want to try something different, don’t limit yourself to eating the same things you are used to. Go out to eat something new. Maybe even try new cuisine!

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