Healthy Ramen Noodles – Serve As Convenient

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Healthy ramen noodles are perfect for lunch and dinner. It becomes healthier when combined with other ingredients to create a nutritious meal. If you want to make healthy ramen noodles, just add all ingredients in a container, store it in the fridge, and when you want to eat add hot water to it, and there you go.

What Ingredients Are Present In Healthy Ramen Noodles?

A plate of food on a table

Healthy ramen noodles are per cooked, ready to eat type of noodle made from wheat flour, salt, water, kansui, various vegetable oils, and flavorings.

How To Make Healthy Ramen Noodles?

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It is very easy to make. Purchase 4 to 16-ounce wide-mouth jars to make healthy ramen noodles. Coat the jars with edamame (a Japanese dish that includes boiled salted green soybeans), sauce, and ginger knobs. Edamame is rich in plant-based proteins with about 9 grams of protein per 3 ounces. After that, chop the vegetables that you want to add to your healthy ramen noodles, make sure they are chopped into bite-sized pieces. Add in finely chopped vegetables and vegetable broth cubes (a cube made from dried meat, vegetable juices, or other flavorings). Lastly, add one package of healthy ramen noodles. However, healthy ramen noodles are formed into cakes; you need to break them up into small pieces so that they can adjust into the jar. Then, pour boiling water and cook it for a minute. If ramen noodles do not cook after a minute or remain hard, cook it for an additional 3 to 4 minutes.

You Can Customize A Healthy Ramen Noodles Jar As Per Your Requirements:

If there are any chopped vegetables left in the fridge, you can use that vegetable for cooking. Instead of using healthy ramen noodles, you can substitute them with rice vermicelli noodles and tamari instead of soy sauce.

You can also customize the sauces and seasonings as per your requirements. Instead of sauce, you can use teriyaki or sweet chili sauce; you could also add sriracha or red pepper; it will make the noodles spicy.

Several Types Of Healthy Ramen Dishes:

In Japan, all the chefs love to innovate, play and adjust with the ingredients and form new dishes. The list below is some of the exciting dishes.

  • Sapporo Ramen: It is famous in the capital of the island of Hokkaido, in northern Japan. The famous toppings of these noodles are sautéed bean sprouts, roasted pork, corn, bamboo, or butter.
  • Tokyo Ramen: In Tokyo, people generally serve ramen noodles with pork. Tokyo ramen noodles consist of pork, chicken, and vegetable broth with soy sauce.
  • Kumamoto Ramen: This type of noodles is smooth but thicker, and toppings are cabbage, bean sprouts, kikurage mushrooms, and garlic.
  • Hakodate Ramen: It is yellowish in color and served with pork, nori seaweed, and naruto.


In this article, we tried to brief you about healthy ramen noodles. We recommend these healthy noodles for your lunch and dinner.

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