Here Are The Essentials Of Every Asian Bodybuilder Diet You Should Know

What’s the first thing comes to your mind when you think about any Asian bodybuilder diet? What they eat for looking so huge and muscular? Are they always on steroids cycle to look so huge? The diet of any Asian bodybuilder cannot be explained in words.

They add numerous stuff to their diet, and the content keeps changing as per their body requirements. It’s not easy to follow any Asian bodybuilder diet until you’re competing for the bodybuilding competitions. Yes, professional bodybuilders do use steroids, but their diet also comprises basic food products.

Today, in this post, we’ll reveal the essentials of every Asian bodybuilder diet.

Egg Whites

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When we’re talking about muscle-building and bodybuilders, you can’t keep egg whites away from the list. If you want to become a professional bodybuilder, your bond with the egg whites should be unbreakable. The reason is egg whites comprises of higher protein content, and they are super cheap.

When bodybuilders prepare for competitions, you’ll always see them in the discount aisles for getting egg crates for cheap. Eggs deliver the purest form of protein and have all the essential amino acids.

Bodybuilders primarily incorporate eggs white with oats and fat-free milk during the competition and off-season. Nearly 80% of eggs’ nutritional content is protein, and the remaining 20% is carbs, vitamins, and fibers.

Surprisingly, egg whites are the only thing in every Asian bodybuilder diet that doesn’t have alternatives and stays unchanged throughout the year.

Lean Red Meat

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If you belong to the fitness industry, you might have seen bodybuilders replacing red meat with turkey and fish. Nevertheless, they do lean red meat to maintain their muscles in the off-season. Lean red meat is also used in the weekend cheat meals by bodybuilders.

On the contrary, lean ground meat is best for muscle-building, which bodybuilders consume during the peak season. For hard gainers, lean ground meat is the best because of the higher calorie content.

Nevertheless, lean red meat shouldn’t be consumed daily because they are high in saturated fats. This tip is not only for bodybuilders but also for our readers. The best alternatives of lean red meat are chicken and turkey.


Yes, now you’re confused because bodybuilders consume less water during the peak season for hitting the max conditioning and hardness. Yes, you’re right, but water is eliminated from the diet just a couple of days or weeks before the competitions.

During the training phase, you’ll see bodybuilders consuming gallons of water every day because of their heavy bodyweight. Dehydration can literally land any bodybuilder on the deathbed because their heart requires additional oxygen for pumping blood than average adults.

Believe it or not, Asian bodybuilders drink nearly 10 liters of water per day during the peak season.

Final Thoughts

These are the essentials of every Asian bodybuilder diet, which is often not revealed by anyone. Bodybuilders actually don’t eat something fancy and sophisticated; they stick to the basics and consume nearly 5-7 meals per day.

Don’t think bodybuilders look huge just because of steroid cycles; they eat big and maintain their massive muscles. 

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