How to Create Your Own Ramen Noodle Salad Recipe

A plate of food on a table

Crunchy, fresh cabbage and soft ramen noodle make this simple asian favorite an instant culinary pot luck and picnic favorite. Because why is good food supposed to be shared? You ask. Well, because good food needs to be shared, in order for it to have a chance to improve your health, get rid of any toxins, build your immunity, provide essential nutrients to your body and facilitate weight loss. If good food is only supposed to be tasted once then why do we bother eating it at all?

Ramen Noodle Salad Recipe

A plate of food on a table

The crunch of the cabbage and noodles will remind you of the sweet, salty, spicy and sweet flavors of the Chinese continent. The sweetness is brought on by the combination of lime juice and star anise extract with a touch of sugar. Spiciness comes from ginger, garlic and Sichuan peppercorns while the saltiness comes from rock salt, rock black table salt or kosher salt.

The crunchy, fresh ingredients and tenderizing sauce combine to make the Ramen Noodle Salad Recipe an ideal dish for any occasion. It can be enjoyed during a dinner party, lunch or as a snack or appetizer. What makes it unique is that it can be eaten both by the bowlful or one bite at a time. You may even decide to have it as a dessert.

The Preparation

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For a sweet and savory Ramen Noodle Salad Recipe, you will need: coarsely grated cucumbers, small pieces of ginger, chilies, dried red chilies, low sodium soy sauce, chopped peanuts, a little sugar, nonfat dry mustard, and coarsely ground sea salt. Prepare the mixture by blending together all the ingredients except for the sugar in a bowl. Then, using a teaspoon, take small chunks of each of the vegetables and coat them with the soy sauce, season them with the ginger and red chilies, and mix them together until they are thoroughly combined.

To complete your Ramen Noodle Salad Recipe, spoon some of the mixture onto a plate and arrange the uncooked chicken and vegetables on top. Spread a little bit of the prepared dressing over the top. You can use mayonnaise, spicy mustard, or honey. Place your serving of salad on top and serve it with your spicy chicken. This will be a tasty and healthy meal that everyone will enjoy.

Create Your Own Version

If you are a little more ambitious and would like to make the Ramen Noodle Salad Recipe a little different, then you can substitute fish for the chicken in the recipe. There are many different variations of the traditional chicken salad. In fact, you can find countless websites online that have pictures and directions for creating your own version of this classic salad. The only changes you will have to make to the original recipe are the types of ingredients that you use and the dressing. You will still get a tasty salad to serve to your family and guests.

To begin your version of the traditional chicken salad, you will need to begin by preparing the base components. These include the cucumbers, bell pepper, radishes, onions, dill, garlic, green onions, and baby tomatoes. You will also need a mayonnaise based dressing, such as the Sherry mustard cream seasoning packet found in the grocery story. You will want to combine all of these items in a large plastic bag and seal it closed.

Closing Thoughts

Once you have all of your base items prepared, you will need to create the rest of the dish. This includes adding any additional flavors or colors to the dish, as well as spreading any type of flavored bread crumbs on the bottom of the bowl. At this point, you can use your noodle salads spoons to fill each individual bite with a varying amount of fillings. As you work in small batches, you can adjust the flavors and textures of the noodle salads to your taste. By combining various textures, you can create a noodle salad that has a variety of tastes and flavors.

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