How to Make a Healthy and Delicious Asian Spinach Salad

asian spinach salad

Asian Spinach Salad is the perfect choice for your lunch or dinner, it is healthy, delicious and it tastes great too! I have had the pleasure of eating this particular Asian Spinach Salad several times. It is served at least four times a week at my house and it never goes out of style. In fact it is something that I can do without because it’s so tasty and so easy to make.

Necessary Ingredients

A bowl of salad

You will need to gather all the necessary ingredients. Here are the main ones that you will need for your Asian Spinach Salad. You will need; lettuce, water chestnuts, bean sprouts, carrots, celery and radishes, asparagus if you are going to add it later. If you have any of these items that are green in color you can leave them out. Now get a bowl and fill it with cold water and let the items sit in it for about fifteen minutes so that the water has time to hydrate them. While they are soaking, be sure to open the leaves of every leaf to drain off any water.

When you have finished rinsing the leaves of the leafy greens take them out of the water and put them in a salad spinner for one minute. This allows all the chlorophyll and nutrients that exist within the leaves to be released. Then put the leaves into the salad spinner and add any additional items that you wish to include. If you have any of these items such as tofu or tempeh, then you can just shred them for the dressing. My mother-in-law serves a breakfast of eggs, hash browns and spinach on Monday mornings so I make it the night before and can usually serve it on Wednesday morning as well.

Dressing Up Your Asian Spinach Salad

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You can dress up your Asian Spinach Salad in many different ways but one that I love is by use peanut butter and bacon dressing. This is something that you can make ahead of time so that you can save time and use it the next day when you are ready to serve your meal. It is definitely a tasty treat and really adds a lot of flavor to an otherwise unhealthy plate of spinach.

Make Fresh Squeezed Asian Vegetable Salad

Another great way to dress up your Asian Spinach Salad is to make fresh squeezed Asian vegetable salad. These can be found at almost any Asian grocery store and can also be used in a variety of different Asian recipes. You can find them with cucumber, red onions, bell pepper, and/or a variety of other fruits and vegetables. I particularly love them when served with roasted peanuts and roasted almonds as a wonderful treat for breakfast.

Bottom Line 

As you can see there are so many great things that you can do with your own fresh spinach. You have the option of making a nutritious and delicious Asian Spinach Salad or you can simply eat it by itself on its own. Whichever you choose you will enjoy the fact that it is made fresh from real ingredients. The benefits of eating healthy does not always have to involve a healthy meal. Sometimes it can be fun and easy to make a meal that is still healthy and good for you.

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