How to Prepare Asian Salad Ramen Noodles

Asian Salad Ramen Noodles

A tasty, healthy Asian salad Ramen noodles are created by steaming rice noodles until softened and cooked through. In Japanese, this is called ramen, which translates to “noodle”.

If you haven’t had ramen in Japan, don’t be put off by the idea that it is oily and spicy. Ramen is a dish prepared in the country of Japan. The noodles are steamed very briefly in a mixture of salty and sweet. When steamed, they have a rich aroma which is often described as being reminiscent of Japanese cooking. Ramen noodles are very easy to find, most restaurants will stock a small selection of Japanese ramen noodles.

Know The Dish

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Asian salad ramen is a very popular dish in Japan as it is light and very versatile. In fact, you can eat it plain or mix it with other dishes such as rice or fish.

When shopping for Asian salad ramen, don’t be tempted by the idea that it has to be topped up with dressing. The noodles themselves do just fine without anything added to them. As long as the noodle is steamed properly, the flavor and the texture are quite good on their own. If you want to make this dish a bit more interesting, you can add a bit of soy sauce or teriyaki sauce.

The Process

When you’re preparing the ramen noodles, use a good quality packet of sushi rice as a base. When it is steamed properly, sushi rice has a very fine grain and a tender feel to it which makes it perfect for noodles.

There are a number of recipes for Asian salad ramen available online and in books which give a complete guide to making the dish. If you try making it at home, you will soon be able to create your recipe and enjoy a bowl of great noodles every single time.

Although Asian salad ramen is known all over the world, the best way to prepare it is by eating it raw. As long as you cook it traditionally, you can be sure that the original taste of the dish will remain undiminished. If you are using packaged ramen noodles, you can always place a slice of the raw side of the noodle in with the dish.

Different Flavors

This can make it quite delicious as the raw side has a lot of different flavors from different regions. You could even use it as a marinade and use it to make a dip for cucumbers and tomatoes. If you want to keep the noodle raw side separate, you can also keep it in a plastic bag and place it in a small container. and freeze it until you’re ready to eat it.

When you’re making Asian salad ramen, make sure you chop the vegetables finely. This will ensure that you get the most out of the noodles. If you use large pieces of food, you can easily forget about the noodles. if you want to and you will end up with something like a soup.

The noodles will absorb much of the flavor, but they won’t have the same texture as they do when you chop large pieces of meat. Use a mandoline knife to chop the vegetables rather than a cleaver to make the noodles.


When serving the Asian salad ramen, it’s important to add the toppings gradually. Just like in Japanese restaurants, the toppings vary according to the region and the season. You can either throw in vegetables, chicken, pork, and beef or use any other meat such as fish to accompany the noodles.

Make your ramen noodles and then mix them with the toppings. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy a bowl full of yummy and nutritious Asian comfort food.

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