How to Prepare Crunchy Asian Salads

Crunchy Asian Salad

Crunchy Asian Salad can be a welcome change to your salad routine for several reasons. First of all, Asian slaw, in all its various variations, is full of nutrient-rich veggies such as radish, carrots, cabbage, cucumber, and more that adding vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs for healthy living.

What Makes Crunchy Asian Salad So Popular?

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Crunchy Asian Slaw Also known as such because it is made with shredded lettuce similar to regular Coleslaw but it cannot be any more different! This Asian slaw is bright, fresh, and tangy, but not lacking in taste. There are many different ways to make this delicious salad and you can use the ingredients in almost any way you desire. It is a healthy snack that’s easy to prepare and fun to eat!

Crunchy Asian Slaw is usually prepared with white vinegar, sesame oil, and soy sauce. For the vinegar, use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. If you are using vinegar, simply combine it with a cup of cold water and mix until the mixture thickens. For the sesame oil, just mix it into the vinegar while it is still warm. If you are using soy sauce, just heat the soy sauce until it comes to a boil, then add it to the vinegar.

The texture of the Asian slaw is a bit different from other salad dressings in a number of different ways. Instead of thickening as the liquid cooks, the vinegar pulls the juice of the cabbage or vegetables right out of them, leaving them crisp, fresh, and super tasty. It also helps to make the salad stay fresher longer.

A Very Unique And Delicious Snack

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Crunchy Asian Slaws Can be tossed together with eggs to create a very unique and delicious snack. Simply throw in one egg, two cups of shredded cooked cabbage, two cups of chopped carrots, and one cup of shredded cooked egg whites. Mix well and place in the refrigerator to chill. Then serve chilled for a quick and nutritious breakfast.

Crunchy Asian Slaw can be used on many different occasions for parties or gatherings. As you may know, Asian food is a lot of fun and it will go down a treat when paired with something tasty. You can dress up a simple bowl of salad with Asian dressing and serve it with crackers or serve it in place of rice for an appetizer. For a simple dinner, serve crunchy Asian salad with steamed white rice and use an onion relish for dressing.

Crunchy Asian Slaw Makes For a Great Snack Just like your parents used to make for you, crunchy Asian slaw makes a delicious lunch or snack that is good for you too! If you have a sweet tooth, try crunchy Asian slaw with apples and raisins. Or try a tasty Asian-style apple Danish on a big plate. And if you are feeling really adventurous, try adding in some crunchy carrots and celery. Other options include a fruit salad, carrot sticks, or carrot sticks with raisins.

Make it a habit to put together these quick and healthy snacks at least once a week for the whole family. With just a few ingredients and a little imagination, your Asian dish can become a tradition! Crunchy Asian Slaw is a quick way to have a healthy meal without going overboard and getting hungry.

Crunchy Asian Slaw Makes a Great Barbeque Recipe You can serve this delicious Asian recipe in a barbecue or other cooking method for an easy and delicious side dish! It is best served warm, but if you decide to make it into a sandwich, simply place the salad between two slices of bread and top with barbecue sauce and a slice of pickles. Of course, you can use a sweet pickle relish on top for added sweetness.

Making Crunchy Asian Salad

Crunchy Asian Slaw Makes a Great Quick Homemade Dressing If you want to make a fresh salad dressing for your Asian delicacies, add a pinch of crunch to your liquid. For example, try adding a pinch of ground sesame seeds to a cup of milk or soy milk and adding a pinch of sugar to your prepared liquid for an exotic Asian dressing. If you want to make your own marinade, mix a teaspoon of lime juice, vinegar, soy sauce, and rice vinegar with a teaspoon of sugar for an excellent and quick Asian marinade. You can also choose to add in cucumber slices or shrimp for extra zing.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy making Asian salads, be sure to check out more recipes by clicking through the links below. You are sure to find some new favorites that you will enjoy serving to your friends and family.

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