Hydrogen Water Bottle

Hydrogen Water Bottle 480mL Rechargeable

We all know how tough it is to get fresh and clean water when we travel. Further, sometimes there are no shops where you can buy water. Especially when you go hiking or camping. Therefore, we bring you this fantastic hydrogen water bottle. This is the perfect solution for all your problems related to clean drinking water.

Hydrogen Water Bottle

This hydrogen water bottle will aid you in making your water clean and pure. Further, it is convenient to carry and has a capacity of 480 liters. Now, this bottle aids in removing toxic elements out of your water. Thus, providing you with healthy drinking water.

Now, you may wonder how this bottle aids in doing this. Well, it is all because of the platinum particles of the bottle. It turns any regular water into drinking water by infusing it with hydrogen. Additionally, water-rich in hydrogen has several health benefits as well. The prominent benefits are clean drinking water and anti-aging properties. 

Subsequently, it also helps in removing bacteria from water. This pure water also helps in providing a fresh and healthy skin. Thus, making it an ideal choice for all the girls and women out there who wish to have healthy and younger-looking skin. Moreover, hydrogen infused water also improves the circulation of blood in the body.

Features Of Hydrogen Water Bottle

  • The bottle offers excellent health benefits that include anti-aging benefits and improved digestion.
  • Further, the bottle is wireless, which means it operates on batteries. Moreover, you can charge it using the USB cable.
  • You can easily remove the bottle for cleaning purposes.
  • Additionally, it has two modes for electrolysis.
  • The material of the bottle is Platinized Titanium Base and Borosilicate Glass.
  • The capacity of the battery is 1300 mAH lithium battery.
  • The capacity of the bottle is 480 liters.
  • You can directly drink water from this vessel.

Dual Electrolysis Mode

Now, the bottle features two touch-sensitive buttons. You can press these buttons to choose from the two buttons. The first button is for a slow electrolysis option that works for about three minutes. The second button is for the fast mode. The fast mode takes up to one minute. Additionally, it makes the water particles small that makes it easier for the body to digest.

Subsequently, the base of the bottle emits LED lights. It makes the bottle attractive and fun to use. 

Rechargeable Bottle

The significant part of the bottle is that it is rechargeable. The container runs on batteries, and you can easily use it without any batteries. Moreover, it charges using a USB cable. Thus, it is convenient to carry along when traveling. It is easy to clean and also makes for a perfect gift for your family and friends.

Thus, if you travel a lot and find it tough to find freshwater, then consider buying this. You can fill this bottle any time from anywhere, and it will provide you with healthy drinkable water. Further, not to forget the health benefits it offers. 

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