Indian Breakfast Recipes – Try Your Hands On A Collection Of Spicy and Unusual Recipes

indian breakfast recipes

Indian breakfast recipes are a combination of several ingredients like fruits, vegetables, pulses, and grains. In fact, they are a way of life, not just for breakfast but also for the entire day. The reason is that these recipes are made keeping in mind the time and the amount of time one can spare for them. They have to be nutritious and wholesome so that one does not feel hungry quickly.

It can be difficult sometimes to find Indian recipes, especially if you are looking for healthier ones. However, once you begin searching, you will surely be overwhelmed by all the delicious recipes you will find. This makes it even more important that you know where to find healthy ones. Here are some of the places where you can get good Indian recipes.

Indian Breakfast Recipes

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You can check out different cooking sites on the internet. All of them have their own unique recipes that you can try. Some of them will surely match your taste, like those of Indian cuisines like Samosa, Halwa, and Chapatti. These recipes usually use ingredients like rice, dates, milk, and coconut.

If you are not much of a fan of spicy food, then you should probably skip off the Zesty Banana Overnight Oatmeal and try something else like the Hot Breakfast Barley. This recipe is extremely popular among people who like to eat a warm meal in the morning. There are various ways of preparing it; for example, you can either boil it or fry it. The great thing is that this breakfast has a wonderful taste and will help you lose weight.


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If you are having a hard time reading cookbooks or checking out pictures of Indian recipes, then the best option for you is to get your favorite recipe book. You can get one that will help you create all kinds of Indian breakfasts. There are Indian cookery books that focus on providing ideas and tips for making Indian food for different occasions like birthdays, weddings, and deserts. These recipes have also been used by famous celebrities, including the Food Network’s celebrity chef, Prem Chopra. Since Prem is also a fan of Indian foods, he was able to use these recipes in his shows.

You can also find several Indian recipe cookbooks online that cater to the need of the common man. All you have to do is create an account, and you can store and use the recipes that you like. There are many people who prefer to purchase cookbooks rather than downloading them. The reason behind this is that these books are inexpensive and are available from a wide range of sellers. You can even find several free recipes available online.

Things To Know

When you have made a choice on which recipe you will use for breakfast, it is time to get busy and start cooking. For starters, you should get the ingredients ready before you set out for cooking. First, you should make sure you have selected the right quantity of eggs. More often, the recipes will tell you how many eggs you should get per recipe but, if the recipe does not specify this, then you should go with the number you read. Next, you should prepare the vegetables. Unless you follow an Indian recipe that requires vegetables to be cooked separately, you will have to do this job by yourself.

Bottom Line

Once the vegetables are ready, you will have to chop them into smaller pieces. It will help if you put the pieces on a plate and cover them with oil so as to keep the pieces away from other things which may ruin your kitchen. Once the vegetables are chopped, you should mix them with the other ingredients like the milk that you will get later. When all the ingredients are mixed well, you will have to let the mixture cool down for a few minutes, and then you can start cooking your delicious Indian recipes for breakfast.

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