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Is Santa Clarita Diet Asian Girl Worth Watching

santa clarita diet asian girl

A single-camera series “Santa Clarita Diet” premier on February 3, 2017, created by Victor Fresco. Santa Clarita Diet is an American horror-comedy web series streamed on Netflix.

The web series centers on a married couple Joel and Sheila Hammond (starring drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant), and their real estate. The couple’s lives take a dramatic turn when Sheila (Drew Barrymore) shows symptoms of a zombie. Unfortunately, after accomplishing three seasons, the Santa Clarita diet was canceled by Netflix.

In Santa Clarita, Diet persistently seen a minor character of an Asian girl played the role of a rite-aid clerk, portrayed as her name Ramona. She is Ramona Abish Young.

Ramona Abish Young

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Ramona Young is a power pack of talent. She is an American actress, writer, director, and producer. She is born on May 23, 1998, in California (Los Angeles. She belongs to a Chinese family, and her mother (she is a Navy Officer) and Father (he is a Psychologist and Professor) are from Hong Kong.

Early Life

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When young’s mother joined the navy, she spent much of her childhood moving around many places, due to which Ramona young was educated in both Hong Kong(her parent’s homeland) and the United States, this resulting in living in different places she has to attend 40 schools.

After completing her early graduation in theatre and dance from California State University, Los Angeles, she took acting training from Penthouse West acting school, Los Angeles, and vocal training from Ruth Ellis vocal academy.

Personal Aspects

Ramona Abish Young is a multilingual vegetarian girl, and she is a first-generation Chinese-American; she is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese and also has a little understanding of dialects because of her grandmother from the age of four, she has been taking training in martial arts as she is an amazing martial artist, along with this she got her new interest in Wuhu and started training it.


Ramona Abish Young is a and fine versatile in the show business as she is into acting, writing, direction, and she also produces a couple of projects. She made her first acting debut with the film specter (2010), her first television debut with the indie thing (2012), and as a writer-director, and producer her first project was Live Exit Here (2015)

There is No. of short films Ramona young did such as-.

Twelve and wanderers (2015) also wrote and produced Reflections (2016), star crossed (2016), harry decisions (2016), and date night (2016), Amuse’d (2017), Bottomland (2018).

Young also did some full-length film projects like-

Thinning (2016), Blockers and all about Nina (2018).

Summing Up

Along With This, Ramona young has seen in many popular television series-

Super fun night (2014), the right O’Neal’s (2016-17), Z Nation (2016-18), Santa Clarita Diet (2017-19), Legends of Tomorrow (2018), never have I Ever (2020).

Ramona became a fan loved and good to watch as she is constantly working on big and small screens. She is making her name as an actor-writer, director, producer in the best ways.

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