Kids Asian Food Recipe – Make it Interesting

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You see preparing this type of dish is not really as simple as we think it is. This is because preparing a recipe that can be eaten by children requires much more effort than preparing one that adults can eat. The reason is simply because when it comes to preparing recipes for kids, it has to be prepared with extreme caution. The ingredients that are used have to be checked for their safety and the cooking process also needs to be slow.

 Identify What Your Child Likes

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To prepare a tasty kids Asian recipe, you should first identify what your child likes. Remember kids do not like foods that have too much salt or spicy ingredients. In this case, you should know their preferences. Once you have identified what they like, then you are half way done in preparing their favorite recipe.

When preparing a recipe for your child, you should make sure that it is prepared properly. In this case, you can add a pinch of turmeric on the recipe so that it would have a natural flavor. Next you should use a teaspoon of ground ginger and a couple drops of lemon juice. If you want to add more sweetness to the recipe, you can add some brown sugar or honey.

Be Careful In Choosing The Ingredients

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 The recipe that you are preparing should not contain eggs. For children, the egg may cause diarrhea. The other ingredient that is good to avoid is MSG or monosodium glutamate. You should also make sure that you do not use any salt in the recipe.

The second ingredient that you should not include is sugar. You should also avoid adding dairy products in the recipe because they will only make the meal taste salty. The third ingredient that you should not include is yeast. This ingredient can cause severe stomach upset in a child. For kids, you should also avoid adding peanuts or coconut oil.

Don’t Add Fish Sauce

The last ingredient that you should not include in the recipe is fish sauce. This ingredient may taste good but there is a possibility that it may also upset a kid. Instead, you should use papaya in place of fish sauce. This ingredient is also healthy and does not cause indigestion in kids. Instead, you should use coconut oil.

Asian foods are usually served with condiments that are spicy. Make sure that you choose the right condiments to serve with your kids Asian food recipe. Some of the condiments that you can use include hot mustard and sesame oil. Before you make your dinner, you should also make sure that your kids do not eat any raw vegetables.

Bottom Line 

Moreover, make sure to use high quality ingredients so that your kids will get the nutritious benefit of the recipe. In general, kids should consume foods that are rich in protein and iron. High quality proteins such as tofu and low fat meat can be included in the diet of kids as long as they are prepared in a proper manner. Iron rich dishes can be used to make sure that your kids will get enough supply of this mineral. In fact, if you add coconut oil to the beef, it will be beneficial for the growth of your child.

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