List of Restaurants Serving the Best Asian Breakfast Houston - List of Restaurants Serving the Best Asian Breakfast Houston -

List of Restaurants Serving the Best Asian Breakfast Houston

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Houston has some amazing food joints and if you are looking for restaurants serving only Asian cuisine, then browse through our carefully selected list of the best Asian food Houston.

Two Bowls

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Located at 13080 Bellaire, this place serves a simple menu of Bun Bo Hue and Egg Rolls. The stock used for this dish is incredible and contains fresh beef and pork bones. It is a rich, fatty and aromatic stock that is used in this lemongrass-infused soup. They also serve a portion of rice noodles, beef tendon, beef slices, steamed pork, tender trotter and pig blood cubes known as huyet. Anyone craving authentic Vietnamese cuisine should head to this Asian food joint. The soup they serve is garnished with Thai basil, red cabbage, sprouts and lemon wedge. The ladies behind this restaurant recently won the first prize at the annual Banh Mi Cookoff for their version of Bun Bo Hue Dip Sandwich.

The Blind Goat

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This one is a Downtown eatery serving Vietnamese Pork Belly pizza and such other dishes. It is a gastropub located at 409 Travis. The chef is a Masterchef season 3 winner, Christine Ha. They have a very unique menu serving the pork belly pizza. This dish is a local street favorite in Saigon. You get tender chunks of pork belly, pickled carrots, eggs and daikon along with a traditional mayo. They also serve Beef Carpaccio that are thin slivers of beef tossed in spicy citrus sauces along with corn nuts, fresh herbs, peanuts and more. They have a famous Rubbish Apple Pie that is an absolute must-order item served with caramel sauce and apple-pie spices.

Huynh Restaurant

Situated at 912 St. Emanuel, this restaurant has been delighting its guests since more than a decade with its traditional Vietnamese cuisine. They serve dishes like pho, hu tieu, bun and much more. The menu has never changed since ages and it is similar to what  you find at a fully-fledged restaurant. They serve traditional rice paper egg rolls that are very delicious along with a typical nuoc mam sauce. They also serve vermicelli bowls seasoned well. Their dish Bo Luc Lac is served perfectly with medium rare beef and the pho broth is aromatic and satiating. The Goi Vit that is a traditional duck salad served here comes with crunchy red cabbage and pickled onions and is a must-try dish.

Samurai Noodle

This one is a Japanese food join situated at 1801 Durham. The owner Thomas Tang loves to serve his ramen. These are freshly made on site and guests can see the process live. The Tonkotsu is served with rich, deep and aromatic pork broth that is thin, firm and straight noodles served with scallions and pork belly. The Tsukemen are ramen noodles served with a bowl of broth. The Kinoto Shouyu is also a ramen preparation served with king trumpet, button mushrooms sauteed with butter and served with scallions and pork belly. 

These were amongst the best Asian food Houston restaurants that  you must try next time you crave for Asian cuisine.

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