Make Your Kids Eat Vegetables By Cutting Them In A Funny Way Using This Wonderful Gadget!

It is definitely a difficult task to make your kid understand that vegetables are good for their health and feed them the same. Regardless of their age, they might have preferences but when you present it in a fun manner there are likely chances, they’ll try it out. A wavy steel cutter is specially designed to give slicing or cutting vegetables a fun new twist. This can be very useful to chop zig-zag fries or any other vegetable. It gives waffle-like cuts to almost any vegetable. It makes nutritional food exciting for kids! It can be used for cutting fruits, vegetables, cheese, waffle fries, and much more!

Wavy Steel Cutter or Slicer for Vegetables  

If you want to add a fun little twist to your kid’s lunch, a wavy steel cutter or slicer for vegetables is the ideal choice. It functions as a normal knife would, it has the same level of sharpness as other knives but this knife’s edges are made zigzag which makes it very easy to cut your veggies in this manner. We have often seen zig-zag fries and wondered how to make them at home, well it is very easy now with the Wavy Steel Cutter or Slicer for Vegetables. The knife is generally made up of stainless steel to prevent it from rusting. Preferably, it can be very useful to cut zucchini, jalapeños, cucumbers, potatoes (slices or French fries), carrots, and many more vegetables. It can also be used to cut cheese slices or blocks. Find out how Way Steel cutter can help.


  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Size: 19x6cm 24.5x4cm 14*9.5cm
  • Weight: 55g 65g
Food on the cutting board


  • Provides a good grip 
  • Can be bought either in steel or plastic 
  • It is eco friendly as it can be used multiple times
  • Makes chopping very easy and fun 
  • Great tool for making zig-zag fries 
A plate of food with a fork and knife


  • The sharpness will decrease over time
  • Wave knives cannot be sharpened at home 
  • Has to be washed with more attention to make sure every curve is clean 
  • Has to be strictly used for vegetables or fruits 
  • Cannot be used to cut pieces of bread or sandwiches 


Wavy Steel Cutter or Slicer for Vegetables is a tool you must include in your kitchen. It is an addition that will be utilized in not just one but many different ways. The knife is very lightweight which makes the cutting and slicing process even easier. It also has a wooden grip which will not slip as you cut a vegetable or fruit. The sharpness of the knife is enough to cut veggies. You can also cut cooked meat with this wavy knife. A Wavy Steel Cutter or Slicer for Vegetables will be a very good investment if you like having salads, fruits, or have kids that love it when their lunch is cut in various shapes. It adds a little excitement for both, the one who is slicing the veggies and the one who is having them! Double bonus if you slice your own salad!

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