Asian Restaurants Around Houston

Must-try Asian Restaurants Around Houston - Know More Here

In terms of cuisines, Asian Cuisines are world-famous and are a must-try. In Asian cuisines, you can find almost every flavor and feel the spices and enjoy the meal. Generally, in Asian Restaurants, more new customers are looking for something new in their life. There is an excellent difference between Asian meals and western meals. Asian meals are spicier and include a huge variety of spices, whereas western meals are more straightforward in comparison to Asian meals. Asian restaurants require more skilled cooks, and generally, they are Asian. It is easier for them and not that much tricky, a healthy cook from Houston may even get confused in using the spices. Still, an Asian guy could easily mix and match also and bring out a variety of flavors and tastes in the meals in comparison to an average cook.

Thai Restaurants

Thai Gourmet is located on Richmond Ave in Houston, and the place is lively and vibrant, and the interior is just amazing. The interior is made to give the feel of Thailand to the customers. They make the Thai food traditionally and does not improvise on the recipe, and the customers love the pad see ew, tofu cubes, Kua Gai, and many more dishes are served as well as loved by the customers. The locals also love other restaurants. That includes Asia Market Thai Lao food on Main Street Houston. Then, the Street Food Thai Market located on Cavalcade Street Unit D, Houston, and many more restaurants people like.

Japanese and Chinese Restaurants

Nobu Houston situated on Westheimer Road in Houston serves the world-famous Sushi that is eaten worldwide, and this is a Japanese dish. This restaurant is an indoor-outdoor space and provides exquisite particular event space. It contains a terrace, bar, and lounge. It serves signatures like Sashimi, Black Cod, Jalapeno, Sushi, and cocktails. In the main dining room, there is a 12-seat sushi bar.

Vietnamese And Indian Restaurants

There are several Vietnamese and quite a few Indian restaurants that provide excellent services. Indian Restaurants include Maharaja BHog that serves Indian Thali. It is located on 8338 Southwest Fwy in Houston, This restaurant offers unlimited food for a fixed price, and there are several varieties, including a gluten-free and vegetarian diet. The Blind Goat is a Vietnamese restaurant located on Travis Street in Houston, this restaurant provides the exotic Vietnamese dishes with traditional spices, and customers love these dishes. There is also a wine bar nearby to enjoy.


Many customers as well as tourists that are visiting Houston love such Asian dishes. These restaurants are full of culture too and reflect it by sculptures, serving, paintings. All the interior is full of designs and traditional stuff of the countries. Multiple restaurants limit their food provided to only one country like Vietnam, or Korea, or India. Still, some restaurants include a variety of country food. It is like Laotian and Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Thai food, etc. Still, most of the restaurants provide multiple regional foods and offer several choices to the customers.

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