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Restaurants Asian To Try

Restaurants Asian To Try

Restaurants Asian are full of delicious, but it is hard to find gluten-free food. However, you can always enjoy a gluten-free diet even at Chinese restaurants. The other two options of restaurants Asian are Vietnamese and Thai food that contains no gluten. But it is still safe to ask before you order the food at restaurants Asian. Check out our tips to ensure that you don’t eat food full of gluten.

Restaurants Asian To Try
Restaurants Asian To Try

Different Restaurants Asian


Soy sauce is a base of all dishes in Chinese food. However, oyster sauce, hoisin, fish, and other sauces use soy as a base. The thumb rule is to avoid brown sauce. Not all sauces have a brown color because corn starch is used to thick the sauce. Corn starch has no gluten. In case you try deep-fried fish, then ask how they fry the fish. Whether they fry fish directly in the oil or bread them.

Moreover, dumplings are food to avoid as they contain wheat or rice skin. The only thing that you can do is to ask them. But not most of the restaurants are willing to answer about the recipes. So, the best option is to eat steamed vegetables or fish without sauce.

Korean Restaurants Asian

Those who are on a strict gluten-free diet will face challenges ordering food at a Korean restaurant. Soy sauce works as a base of most Korean recipes. Kimchee is an exception and thus a safer option. Moreover, kimchee is healthy as it contains healthy bacteria.

Restaurants Asian To Try
Restaurants Asian To Try


Sushi is a favorite recipe of most of the American food lovers. The good news is that sushi is a gluten-free dish. They may use the sauce for drizzling the top or as a dip. So, you can avoid them but if the restaurant has tamari containing gluten, then avoid sauce. Apart from this, you should not eat marinade or sauce that is brown. Soba noodles should not be your order on the table as buckwheat is its main ingredient.

Best Restaurants Asian


Similar to other restaurants in Asia, Vietnamese use rice a lot. Even the rice noodles soup, pho, has soy sauce. However, other recipes may not have sauce. Always ask what they use to prepare sauce if you are concern about gluten at your plate.


Thai foods are heaven for those who are looking for gluten-free foods. Classic Thai recipes are soy-free like pad thai. It contains rice noodles with sweet sauce. Other popular foods are soups like tom yum, barbecue chicken. But say no to the peanut sauce.

These were the popular options that you will find in the United States. However, you can enjoy gluten-free foods in most of the regional, authentic, and upscale restaurant.

The common issue is, however, language. So, instead of asking the server to bring something gluten-free, tell that your order should not have panko, fish sauce, breadcrumbs or wheat flour. It may be challenging, but you will still get lots of options for eating at restaurants Asian. If you get nothing of your choice, then steamed foods are always a healthy option.

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