Simple Asian Diet Plan Recipes That You Can Try

asian diet plan recipes

When people start eating healthy one thing that always scares them is that the food will be bland and lacking taste. They do not want to eat a salad or chicken everyday. Instead they want to stick to the food that they like and make some changes to it so that it becomes healthier. One of the healthiest foods that you can make at home is Asian Food. The food has so many flavors and it is packed with nutrients that your body needs. There are so many simple recipes you will find that these will leave you spoilt for choice. 

You can make these dishes at your next family gathering and they will love it. All these dishes require easy to find ingredients that will make your food taste amazing. One of the best things about Asian food is that it tastes awesome even if you change the ingredients and make it healthier. You can easily incorporate meat and veggies to make the dishes healthy and packed with nutrients. Here is the list of simple Asian diet plan recipes that you can try and these Asian diet plan recipes are super easy and tasty.

Sesame Shrimp With Cucumber Salad


This tasty cucumber salad complements the simple sauteed shrimp in the best way. The whole dish is a burst of flavors in your mouth. You can smash the cucumbers a bit so that they soak the vinaigrette. This is done in Asian recipes because these cucumbers absorb the flavors so well. You have to saute the shrimp in some sesame oil to give them the crisp that will take this dish to the next level. One of the simple recipes but very delicious and full of different flavors. 

Chicken, Mushroom, And Bok Choy Bowl


This is one of the best recipes that you can try with ground chicken. Ground chicken is tasty and flavorful. You can add this to a cast-iron skillet for browning. You have to cook the stems of the bok choy first and then add the leaves so that everything is equally cooked. You also have to stir fry some mushrooms that will make the dish even better. Add some Scallion and Cilantro Barley so that this bowl becomes a hearty one with all the nutrients that your body needs. This is one of the easiest and super healthy bowls that you can easily make at home.

Tandoori Grilled Chicken With Mint Raita

Tandoori grilled chicken is full of flavors and is delicious. If you have an outdoor grill then this dish will turn out amazing. You have to add traditional Indian spices to the chicken so that you get a burst of flavors when you take a bite. Pair this up with some mint raita made of mint and curd and spices. This will surely become one of your go to healthy dishes if you love chicken.


These are some simple Asian diet plan recipes that you can make at home with ease. All these recipes are healthy and you can eat them even when you are on a diet. You will get nutrients that your body needs in these simple recipes. Also, they do not need too much oil which is one of the healthiest things about these dishes.

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