South Indian Diet Tips To Eat Healthy

South Asian Diet

According to the medical surveys every year, Asians are a lot more vulnerable to diabetes than the rest of the world. If you have too much bodyweight, then the chances can increase manifold- especially if you are a South Indian. That is because South Indians have a tenancy of eating more carbs in their diet, which can cause a very harmful impact on the body. Therefore it is imperative to have knowledge about the healthy South Indian diet tips, and then you can feel the difference in your body. These tips are going to help you to a great extent so that you can replace your daily food and make something which is both tasty and healthy at the same time.

Cut Down On the Refined Carbs

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Most of the South Indians have Dosa and Idli, which is just a different look to the rice and starch. If so many carbs get accumulated inside the body because of a sedentary lifestyle, then there can be a lot of harm to the body. Therefore one should try to go for as few refines carbs as possible. It is also important to avoid anything made of white flour, and it will also help keep the sugar level optimum. Sweet foods are a slow killer, so one should avoid all sorts of sugary stuff along with the daily meal.

High-Calorie Foods Are A No No

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Learn to say no to the high-calorie foods like fried rice and samosas and onion rings and vada that South Indians mostly have. They are deep-fried in oil, and there is no way one could remove all the calories at a go. Even going to the gym will not be of much help if you cannot skip junk food. It is also important to avoid the butter and ghee from the foods because it can again contribute to the added number of calories.

Choose Unsaturated Fat

Instead of having fried meat, try to go for boiled or roasted options that will put less oil inside your body. Try to put in good fats like olive oil, fish oil, and nuts, as well as avocados. It is good to add yogurt to your meal to keep the stomach healthy and enhance your body’s metabolism. There are numerous ways to find unsaturated fats, and you just have to be the smart one to pick out the ingredients. For cooking purposes, use olive oil as compared to butter or ghee so that there is less fat storage in the body.

Practice Eating Smaller Portions

The more you feed your body, the more it will want. Try to have no more than one bowl of food per meal and turn it into a habit. This way, your body will be prepared for the dut down, and you can follow the diet more easily. Do not have fatty or fried food in any way, even when you are eating small portions.


South Indian diet tips are something that almost every Asian should follow, depending on their food plans. It will not only help shed some fat but also reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

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