Tips On Making A Sumo Dinner

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As one might imagine, sumo dinner meals are very popular in Japan. It is usually made of the meat of some kind and a vegetable like bamboo shoots. The fish is also used for making some meals, though it is not as common as the other ingredients.

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Tips on Making a Sumo Dinner

Sumo Dinner- Meals

There is one specific dish that is often served in the sumo house, the cats, or the big chicken katsu. It is so famous in Japan because it is not only a tasty but it can also be considered as a delicacy. In fact, it is not uncommon to see people coming out with large amounts of this dish just to eat at their friend’s house or even to the ones who do not know anything about this dish.

This kind of sumo meals can be quite expensive because of the ingredients used and the preparation methods. It will cost you a few hundred dollars at least if you get a good quality dish. The price is determined by the ingredients used and the preparation of the meal itself.

Sumo meals are very popular in Japan since many people love the taste of this type of food. Actually, this type of meal is known to be healthy since the vegetable is chopped up while the meat is still cut into small pieces. Even though it may seem too fancy for a casual dinner party, the meal can still go well when prepared properly. So, it is really worth it to buy these meals because it will only add to the elegance of your home and the elegance of your guests.

However, make sure that you will not spend so much on these expensive meals because there are some good alternatives to those sumo meals. You can prepare sumo dinner with the use of your favorite ingredients but you may find them quite costly especially if you are a first-time cook.

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Tips on Making a Sumo Dinner

Tips To Make Sumo Meals

First, you can use your chopsticks for some dishes if you like. The reason why this is considered as an alternative to the sumo meals is that you will be able to show how skillful you are at chopping vegetables and meats. If you think that you are not really skillful at using chopsticks, then you can use your fork instead of your chopsticks.

For the chicken katsu, you will need the following ingredients. You will need chicken that has been dipped in oil and a part of a bonito fish. If you want to make it cheaper, you can use either a piece of chicken or the bonito fish.

While preparing the chicken katsu, you will need to slice the chicken and coat it with some salt and pepper. Add some soy sauce to the chicken and let it sit for a while until it gets tender.

For the sauce, you will need a mix of four parts rice and three parts cooking oil and put it together with some dry seaweed and sesame seeds. Use the whole recipe but remember to include some sugar to taste. Meanwhile, you will start to chop up the vegetables.

First, you will need to grate a garlic clove and dip it in some cooking oil. The oil is to prevent the garlic clove from sticking to the grater.

Then, you will need to add some vegetable marinade ingredient to the chicken and the fish. For the sauce, you will need vinegar and light soy sauce. Put this mixture aside to cool.

Finally, make sure that you have the ingredients for the sumo dinner prepared before you start cooking. Add the preparation time to your schedule so that you will be able to have the sumo dinner ready before your guest arrives.

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