Top 5 Asian Weight Loss Diet Recipes You Need!

Asian Weight Loss Diet

Every diet starts with watching what you put into your mouth and how many calories you are consuming. You have to take care of the calories whether you wish to maintain your weight or lose a few pounds. There is a way to count calories without having to log every bite you put into your mouth. You have to eat some low-calorie Asian meals so that you can maintain your healthy diet and remain in a calorie deficit. You can try the Asian weight loss diet to lose weight and try to get in shape. These are some Asian weight loss diet recipes that you can try to get fitter this year!

Sesame Shrimp With Crushed Cucumber Salad

Asian Weight Loss Diet Recipes
Asian Weight Loss Diet Recipes

The bright and tangy salad goes well with the crispy sesame shrimp and this makes for a healthy Asian meal that you will love. When you crush the cucumber, it can soak in the vinegar in a better manner and add to the tanginess of the meal. This is a trick that most Asians use as the cucumber absorbs any flavor nicely without too much effort and there are tactics for the pros use for cucumber salad.

Sesame-Hoisin Salmon

Best Asian Weight Loss Diet Recipes
Best Asian Weight Loss Diet Recipes

This will surely become your go-to meal for every weeknight because it is easy and it is a foolproof dish that your family will love. You have to make it with some farm salmon rather than the wild salmon to add to the taste. The sauce that you add to the dish is a mixture of sweet, salty, and nutty which is an outstanding combination. After the dish is done, you have to coat it with extra sauce to make the dish more flavorful and tasty.

Chicken, Mushroom, And Bok Choy Bowls

If you love ground turkey, you will also love some ground chicken that is required in this meal. You can brown the ingredients with a cast-iron skillet but you can make do with any skillet that you have at home. You have to separate the stems of the bok choy from the leaves and cook it first so that everything is equal texture. Add some Scallion and Cilantro barley to make the bowl full of grains.

Perfect Pork Tenderloin

This dish is a version of the spring roll with some crunchy vegetables, cool rice noodles, and vinaigrette. Also, add some crispy pieces of stir-fried pork and the dish is ready. The dish is very tasty and full of flavors due to the meat and the vegetables. You can replace the normal noodles with some brown noodles so that the salad remains healthy.

Mu Shu Pork Wraps

You can serve these wraps with some Mandarin pancakes which makes the dish healthy and tasty. You can use wheat tortillas for the recipe as it is a healthier grain. Also, use some pork shoulder for this dish as that makes the dish very tasty and fresh.


Losing weight is easy if you know the right recipes and an Asian weight loss diet is the best way to do so. You can make a healthy Asian meal at home so that you can lose weight fast and without following any fad diets. With this diet, you do not have to stay hungry and you will not consume too many calories which is great.

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