Top 5 Common Asian Salad Recipes To Try!

Asian Salad Recipes

Salads are the healthiest food that one can find but people think that it lacks in the taste department. While this is true, Asian salads do not have this problem. These salads are tasty, flavorful, and loved by people very much. You can get these salads at any restaurant that serves Asian food for a healthy meal. If you are not wanting to go out, you can make the salads at home. You need Asian salad recipes to make the salads at home with ease. These Asian salad recipes are easy to make and do not require too much effort which is what we need after a hard day’s work.

Yum Woon Sen

Best Asian Salad Recipes
Best Asian Salad Recipes

This is a Thai spicy salad that comprises of grounded pork, glass noodles, chili peppers, and various dressings. You have to cook the noodles and the pork in separate containers and then combine them with the vegetables. Then, you have to top the soup with some fish sauce and lime juice. This gives the flavors to the salad that will leave your mouth with a burst of flavors. These flavors are tangy and salty which is perfect for a rainy day and a wintery day.


Top Asian Salad Recipes
Top Asian Salad Recipes

The word Asinan means traditional Indonesian salads that have pickled vegetables and fruits in them. The fruits are found in Jakarta and the vegetables are found in Bogor which means that they are fresh and tasty. You can serve the salad with some spicy, salty, and sweet peanut sauce which adds the flavor to the salad. You can also add some noodles and rice crackers with the salad to add the crunchiness and flavor to the salad.

Yee Sang

The dish is served mostly during the Chinese New Year celebrations but you can make it at home easily. All you need is some raw fish and shredded vegetables that you garnish with some spices and toppings like sesame seeds and peanuts. The salad is very appetizing and very light so you can eat it for dinner. It has all the ingredients of a healthy and well-balanced meal that will leave you full and happy.


This salad is the best version of a mixed salad that you will find. It is a mixture of vegetables, eggs, tofu, and tempeh in a single bowl for that filling feeling in your tummy. You have to boil the vegetables and then toss in a nutty sauce then serve it with some crispy prawn crackers. The sauce is cashews but you can replace it with some peanuts for that rich flavor. This dish is an Authentic representation of Indonesian street food.

Som Tam

Som Tam is a green papaya salad which is the people of Thailand cook and it is around for a lot of years. The green papaya is cut into pieces and then served with peanuts, tomatoes, green beans, and tomatoes. You also have to add a tangy sauce that comprises of garlic, chili peppers, and fish sauce.


These are the common salad recipes that are cooked in certain parts of Asia and that you can easily cook at home. You can find these recipes online and cook them at home without taking too much pain. These recipes are great for you as you will get all the nutrients that you require.

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