Top 7 Asian Breakfast Foods Of All Time

Asian Breakfast Foods

How many times have you delighted your family with a platter of Asian food? If you haven’t done that yet, how about ditching those boring toasts and trying something more delicious and healthy. Well, there are plenty of options when it comes to Asian breakfast foods. From savory rice dish like Nasi kandar to Fried rice omelet, try these breakfast recipes and your dear ones are sure to love them.

Fried Rice Omelet

Fried rice omelet or Japanese omurice is a rice dish in which rice is fried with vegetables and chicken and topped with omelet and ketchup or other sauce like mayonnaise. One can also use okonomiyaki sauce to prepare a slightly different version of the dish. Cook the rice with the veggies and chicken and assemble this mixture on a place using an inverted bowl. Once the rice is set, take out the bowl and lay a cooked omelet on the top and drizzle the sauces.

Top Asian Breakfast Foods
Top 7 Asian Breakfast Foods Of All Time


Manakish is one of the popular Asian breakfast foods cooked in the homes of common Asian people especially the poor. This dish features a flat and round-shaped bread topped with ingredients like sumac, olive oil, thyme, spinach, sesame seeds, or cheese which is then cooked in an oven. As this classic Lebanese dish is cooked much like pizza, it is also called ‘Lebanese pizza’. The traditional way of making this dish is to press the dough with one’s fingertips to give it a unique pattern. Pair this dish with a cup of warm tea!

Pad Thai

Pad Thai, a dish made with Asian noodles is hugely popular in Thailand.The dish features rice noodles, shrimp, eggs, beans, and tofu. It is also often cooked with pork or meat. This rice dish is known for its sweet, salty, and sour flavor. The best way to make the rich is to flavor the rice noodles with vinegar, lemon juice, and sugar along with some fish sauce and serve with ground chili and some fish sauce.

Nasi Kandar

This Malaysian dish got its popularity from Indian Muslim traders from the Tamil region. The rice dish features steamed rice served with an assortment of meat and vegetables along with various condiments. Seafood is also often used in this classic dish. Fried chicken, fried prawns, mutton, and cubed beef go well with this dish. For veggies, bitter gourd and okra are ideal options.

Indian Upma

This classic Indian dish is porridge prepared with semolina. One of the famous Asian breakfast foods of South India, Upma is so easy to make. This breakfast dish is made by first sautéing some white lentils, onion, mustard seeds, curry leaves, asafetida, green chilies, and ginger in a pan containing hot oil. Some water along with salt is added afterward. The last step is cooking the roasted semolina in the covered pan for 5 minutes.  

Chinese Ji Dan Bing

Asian Breakfast Foods
Top 7 Asian Breakfast Foods Of All Time

This Taiwanese breakfast food features cheese & egg omelet wrapped in a pancake topped with hot chili oil, sweet beans, onions, toasted sesame seeds, and hot bean sauce. A leaf of romaine lettuce is often put on the top before rolling the pancake. This cheese & egg omelet plus pancake goes well with turnip cakes as well as a cup of tea.


Congee, a classic Chinese breakfast staple includes rice porridge which can be prepared either from white rice or brown rice. The porridge is flavored with some chicken or pork pieces and topped with green onions, soft boiled eggs, toasted sesame seeds, fried shallots, or pepper flakes. Further, grated ginger, minced garlic cloves, and baby spinach are other common ingredients for Congee.

Prepare these Asian food items to make your breakfast time delicious and interesting than never before!

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