Try These Essential Ingredients And Tasty Recipe For Asian Food At Your Home

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Asia is the largest continent of the world having two top most populous countries in the world, India and China. Besides that other countries like Pakistan, Iran, Middle east, Thailand, Indonais and other countries are also having their own famous dishes. Go anywhere, and we are sure you will find Asians and their dishes on that land. Here we have brought some mouth watering for you. Read more

Essential Ingredients Of Recipe For Asian Food

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As Asia is the biggest country, there are so many diversities in people’s food and their eating behaviour. Finding out some essential ingredients is very difficult but it has been seen that asians mostly use these ingredients in their food preparation. 

Light soya sauce 

Dark soya sauce 

Oyster sauce

Sichuan peppercorns

Sesame oil

Chinese five spices

Chili beans sauce


Rice wine

Dried chili

Fermented beans

Dried mushrooms 

Famous Recipe For Asian Food

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We have shortlisted 6 top asian foods for you from the list of thousands of eating items. Besides non vegetarian items, Asia is also famous for delicious vegetarian food specially in India.

Asian BBQ Chicken

First just marinate your chicken in char soy and flavored honey which gives a slightly tangy and sweet flavor to your dish. And now simply fire up your grill and barbecue your chicken. 

Vietnamese Dumplings

These dumplings are easy to follow. It’s filling is made with mushrooms and pork , these are steamed one. Serve them with spicy sauce and mayonnaise. 

Grilled Fish

These dishes are made with perfection and sesame oil. Serve with fish fillets with tangy sauce and dressing. This fish recipe is a delight dish for every fish lover. 

Chilli Chicken 

Info Chinese recipe and just divine in recipe for asian food . In this you need to skip the take out and marinate this savory chicken boneless in vinegar, soya sauce, chilli sauce, green chilli sauce , red chilli sauce, ginger garlic paste and some amount of sesame oil. Team this recipe with boiled rice or noodles or have it raw, it gives a different taste and flavor to you. 

Thai Fish Curry

Thai fish curry is the best recipe for asian food. This curry is green in color  and is cooked with coconut and half cooked fish. Serve with rice.


Satay is the undisputed king and queen in Asia. Surely the spelling is different from country to country; it can be sate, satey, sati, or manymore. It is basically meat stocked over a wooden sticker and roasted on a fire and charcoal. 


The recipe for asian food discussed over here definitely made your mouth waterhole. Try it as soon as you can if you haven’t tried yet. Trying something new is always better than repeating old one.

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