What You Should Know About The Asian Diet To Lose Weight

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The Asian diet is not about nutrition alone, nor is it a fad diet. It is all about balance, not excess calories. You will not eat fruits and vegetables in their juices or stews like you would in the West, for starters. Instead, what you will be eating is a variety of meat, noodles, and vegetables along with a very clear soup to drink. If this sounds like a foreign concept to you, allow me to explain. When the sun is at its peak in the Far East, you eat dinner at sundown, the next meal is at noon, and the last one is at night.

Here Is How The Asian Diet Works

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You get up early in the morning and have a bowl of soup and a bowl of rice ready by that time for breakfast. By the way, your bowl will always be filled to the brim with a very clear soup that you can drink from it and a portion of steamed rice. You never eat any other sort of food in those hours. Since most foods here are steamed and eaten raw, your intake of calories is considerably less than that of an American who might eat a light meal of waffles with syrup and toast or a glass of milk. You are simply getting enough protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins through these heavy meals to fuel your body throughout the day.

What You Consume In The Afternoon?

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At around three p.m., you have your last dinner of the day. You will have either a bowl of soup, a vegetable dish with some meat in it, or a dessert of berries. All of these dishes contain large amounts of carbohydrates as well as proteins. The soup, in particular, is high in carbohydrates since it is typically made by boiling water along with a bunch of root vegetables for hours and then adding flavorings such as soy sauce, mirin, and ginger to the top. Since you are consuming a large number of carbohydrates and proteins through this type of dinner, you will naturally be building up your stores of glycogen, your starch, just like in the evening snack you had before.

What About The Evening Meals?

You eat a big meal late in the evening, and yet you seldom eat anything else all through that period. For dinner, you will have either a bowl of noodles, a salad of fresh fruit, and a dessert that could be a pink cake or any of the things you can make with the leftovers from the earlier meals you have eaten. You don’t eat snacks during these periods as well. Since the meals are so heavy, you will find it challenging to get snacks even with your Asian diet to lose weight.

Final Words

For the first day of your journey, you will only be eating at specific times: early morning, mid-afternoon, late morning, and early afternoon. On day two, you will be eating at times that will allow you to take in all your daily requirements. For example, on day three, you can eat any of your three daily meals. Also, on day four you can eat fruits, like an apple or an orange. You can eat grain like whole wheat bread and a vegetable like a carrot for every other meal.

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