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Whip Up Crunchy Asian Noodle Salad In 30 Minutes Now

crunchy asian noodle salad

Whip Up Crunchy Asian Noodle Salad In 30 Minutes Now

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Want to be hit with the umami-ness of the crunchy Asian noodle salad? Food is an important part of our world, though to some it is the necessary item to substantiate themselves, while to others it is a part of their soul that helps them reconnect to reality.

Each season has food that calls for them, each moment has food that needs to be prepared at that particular point of time, each mood calls for certain foods.

However, one grub that makes the list of many peoples is the Asian noodle salad which is not only healthy and tasty but offers a celebration of different textures that hits right at the heartstrings. Here we will teach you how to make the delicious salad without shedding much sweat.

How To Prepare The Crunchy Asian Noodle Salad Easily?

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To prepare the Asian noodle salad, you have to do a bit of chopping. Chopping what? Well, certain kinds of veggies will pack the grub with nutrients.

The assortment of raw veggies not only lends its taste and texture to the recipe but makes the whole aspect of the invention tastier with the inclusion of ginger sauce and the handful of crispy fried noodles is a bonus. Here is how you do it.

Preparation time:

Cooking time:

Total time:

The ingredients included that go into the making of the salad will be enough for four people. The calorie content in the recipe is 706kcal. So let’s dive in.


For chicken

1 Bayleaf

Half inch Ginger

One Star Anise

Half teaspoon Peppercorns

Half teaspoon Coriander Seeds

One teaspoon salt

Chicken Breasts

Ginger salad dressing

Two tablespoons Light Soy Sauce

Three tablespoons Rice Vinegar

One tablespoon Toasted Sesame Oil

Two tablespoons Canola Oil

One teaspoon Ginger grated

One tablespoon Honey

Half teaspoon Pepper

One Pinch Salt

For salad

Three cups of Chinese Cabbage finely shredded

Two cups of Carrots, julienned

Half cup of Cucumber, diced without seeds.

Two cups of Red Cabbage, finely shredded

Half cup of Celery, chopped

Half cup of Spring Onions, chopped

One to one and a half cups of Crunchy Fried Noodles.


First, you have to add all the aromatics along with chicken breasts to the pot of water that is boiling. Poach the chicken in medium-high heat, let it simmer, and then stop the flame. Cover the pot and let the chicken sit for at least 20-25 minutes so that it is cooked to perfection.

After that, you have to get rid of the poaching water and use it later as a stock. Let the chicken breast for 10 minutes. After that, dice the chicken into bite-size pieces. Now, take a bowl and pour all the ingredients for the sauce, and whisk it.

Let it sit for 15 minutes and whisk again before pouring it over the salad. Now, take a larger bowl and add all the shredded veggies, diced chicken, and crunchy fried noodles. Add the dressing and mix it.

Whip up the Crunchy Asian noodle salad just in a short amount of time and enjoy the hearty and fulfilling meal with your friends and family.

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