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Why The Asian Carp Diet Is A Good One To Use

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As with all tropical fish, the Asian Carp prefer clean water. Fresh water is always best. Do not make the mistake of confusing a fresh water fish pond with a saltwater fish pond. The Asian Carp is an excellent swimmer so make sure you do not overstock the pond.

Carp love live food and will eat just about anything; however they are picky eaters. In nature, they are ambush predators. This means that they hunt from hiding places, like in brush piles or behind rocks or logs. In the wild, they use vision to locate their prey. Although this does not generally apply to humans, in a fish pond you should try to provide your fish with a variety of live, dead, and frozen foodstuffs.


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Fish that eat on the surface of the water tend to be picky eaters. They will eat most kinds of food but will refuse to eat flake foods such as wheat grains and rice. Stick to soft-topped foods such as lettuce and spinach. Feed the fish once or twice a day in small amounts and do not crowd the tank. In general, Asian Carp diets should include mostly meat and fleshy vegetables.

Fish that prefer to eat at the bottom are called bottom feeders. They will eat almost any kind of food available but are selective. In their natural habitat, these fish dine on small worms, small crabs, crustaceans, insects, crustaceans, larva and algae. Carp caught on a prey then ate the entire animal. If you keep the water of your Asian Carp pond clean and well-oxygenated, the fish will be willing to take whatever you give them but be wary of overfeeding as overfeeding can be fatal to these fish.

Carefully Monitor Their Taste Buds

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In a captive population, Asian Carp are not picky about the food they eat. In fact, they will eat just about anything. You can easily feed this fish a variety of foods since the diet is not constraining. You can leave out some foods, the fish may prefer but be sure to carefully monitor their taste buds. As a rule of thumb, Asian Carp are fine with soft-topped foods, small live plants, and flaked or dried rice. You will find they rarely eat meat.

In this species, the male Carp will often display aggression. For this reason you must be careful when choosing foods for your aquarium. Feed the fish only once or twice a day or they will not eat all of what you give them. You can also increase the amount of food given to the fish by lightly rubbing meat on the side of the head or body of the fish. Be careful not to overfeed the fish as they will suffer from malnutrition.


Because Asian Carp are omnivorous, it is important to feed them a wide range of foods. The diet you provide for the fish should contain both protein and carbohydrates. Fish that live in natural habitats also generally feed on grasses, leaves, and flowers. In your aquarium, the ideal foods to feed the fish include dried seaweed flakes, blood-worms, brine shrimp, dune runners, earthworms, and mosquito larvae. If you wish to add live foods to the diet, it is best to keep the algae in the tank.

Be sure and provide the fish with enough space to swim about as well as exercise their muscles. When the fish are stressed they tend to become inactive and you will have difficulty keeping them healthy.


Make sure your Asian Carp are always given enough space to swim, get exercise, and become comfortable. By providing the proper diet and environment, you will have many happy and healthy years of breeding and keeping your Asian Carp.

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